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Volume 28, 1895
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Art. XXIX.—Further Contributions to the Molluscan Fauna of New Zealand.

[Read before the Philosophical Institute of Canterbury, 5th November, 1895.]

In volumes xxiv. and xxv. of these Transactions I published lists of the land and fresh-water shells found at various places in this colony. More material having accumulated in my collection, I now wish to publish some additional lists, thus helping to enlarge the knowledge of the geographical distribution of some of our Mollusca, which is still very far from satisfactory. Most of our land-shells being minute or small, and living concealed in the bush under logs, stones, dead leaves, bark, &c., during day-time, it is not astonishing that much remains to be done in the way of collecting, and that new forms are still turning up when a careful search for shells is made.

I.—Mount Wellington Lava-fields, Auckland.

In volume xxiv. of the Transactions, pp. 277, 278, a list of shells from this locality was given, collected by Mr. C. Musson. Last summer I had a couple of hours collecting on these lava-fields, and found the following additional species:—

Flammulina (s. str.) pilsbryi, Suter.

" (Therasia) celinde, Gray.

" " tamora, Hutton.

Endodonta (Thaumatodon) timandra, Hutton.*

" (Ptychodon) hunuaensis, Suter.

" (Charopa) buccinella, Reeve.

" " anguiculus, Reeve.

" " corniculum, Rve., var. maculata, Sut.

" " " " f. albina.

Laoma (Phrixgnathus) pumila, Hutton.

" " ariel, Hutton.

" " allochroida, Suter, var. lateumbilicata, Suter.

" " moellendorffi, sp. nov.

[Footnote] * Erroneously “varicosa Pfr.” in former list.

[Footnote] † = “sylvia, Hutton,” in former list.

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II.—Nikau Bush, Titirangi, near Auckland.

About one hour of collecting produced the following shells:—

Lagochilus hedleyi, Suter.

Realia egea, Gray.

" carinella, Pfr.

Flammulina (Therasia) celinde, Gray.

" (Carthœa) kivi, Gray.

" (Phenacohelix) pilula, Reeve.

" (Allodiscus) dimorpha, Pfr.

" " planulata, Hutton.

Endodonta (Thaumatodon) timandra, Hutton.

" (Ptychodon) hunuaensis, Suter.

" (Charopa) coma, Gray.

" " infecta, Reeve.

" " bianca, Hutton.

" " titirangiensis, sp. nov.

Laoma (s. str) pœcilosticta, Pfr.

" (Phrixgnathus) glabriuscula, Pfr.

" " ariel, Hutton.

III.—Tarukenga, near Rotorua.

The following shells were collected and kindly given to me by Captain T. Broun:—

Realia carinella, Pfr.

Flammulina (s. str.) zebra, Le Guillou.

" " crebriflammis. Pfr.

" " pilsbryi, Suter.

" (Therasia) tamora, Hutton.

" (Phenacohelix) pilula, Reeve.

" (Thalassohelix) ziczac, Gould.

Endodonta (Ptychodon) pseudoleioda, Suter.

" (Charopa) caput-spinulœ, Reeve.

" " roseveari, sp. nov.

Laoma (s. str.) leimonias, Gray.

" " marina, Hutton.

" (Phrixgnathus mariœ, Gray.

" " conella, Pfr.

" " phrynia, Hutton.

" " allochroidus Suter, var. lateumbilicata, Suter.

Rhenea coresia, Gray.

IV.—Heretaunga, Hawke's Bay.

I am indebted to Mr. A. Brooks for the following shells:—

– 321 –

Flammulina (s. str.) compressivoluta, Reeve.

" (Phenacohelix) pilula, Reeve.

" (Suteria) ide, Gray.

Endodonta (Ptychodon) pseudoleioda, Suter.

" (Charopa) coma, Gray.

" " infecta, Reeve.

" " biconcava, Pfr.

" " bianca, Hutton.

" " tapirina, Hutton.

" " colensoi, Suter.

Laoma (Phrixgnathus) mariœ, Gray.

" " conella, Pfr.

V.—Dannevirke, Waipawa.

The same collector:—

Athoracophorus bitentaculatus, Q. and G. (=maculatus, Collinge).

Flammulina (Thalassohelix) propinqua, Hutton.

" (Phacussa) hypopolia, Pfr.

" (Allodiscus) dimorpha, Pfr.

" " adriana, Hutton.

" " planulata, Hutton.

Endodonta (Ptychodon) hunuaensis, Suter.

" (Charopa) coma, Gray.

" " " " var. globosa, Suter.

" " corniculum, Reeve.

" " lucetta, Hutton.

" " anguiculus, Rve., var. montivaga, Sut.

" " tapirina, Hutton.

" " bianca, Hutton.

" (Phenacharopa) novoseelandica, Pfr.

Laoma (Phrixgnathus) ariel, Hutton.

VI.—Environs of Pelorus Sound.

Mr. Joseph McMahon, a most enthusiastic collector, kindly sent me a large number of shells, consisting of,—

Melanopsis trifasciata, Gray.

Potamopyrgus cumingiana, Fischer.

" corolla, Gould.

Lagochilus lignarium, Pfr.

Hydrocena purchasi, Pfr.

Bullinus variabilis, Gray.

Athoracophorus (Konophora) marmoreus, Hutton.

" (Pseudaneitea) papillatus, Hutton.

" " " var. nigricans.

" " " var. fasciata.

– 322 –

Flammulina (s. str.) zebra, Le Guillou.

" " crebriflammis, Pfr.

" " perdita, Hutton.

" (Phacussa) hypopolia, Pfr.

" (Therasia) traversi, Smith.

" (Pyrrha) cressida, Hutton.

" (Phenacohelix) pilula, Reeve.

" (Allodiscus) tullia, Gray.

" " planulata, Hutton.

" (Suteria) ide, Gray.

" (Thalassohelix) zelandiœ, Gray, var. antipoda, H. and J.

Endodonta (Thaumatodon) jessica, Hutton.

" " timandra, Hutton.

" (Ptychodon) hectori, Suter.

" " pseudoleioda, Suter.

" " microundulata, Suter.

" " wairarapa, Suter.

" " hunuaensis, Suter.

" (Charopa) coma, Gray.

" " buccinella, Reeve.

" " anguiculus, Reeve.

" " infecta, Reeve.

" " " " var. irregularis, Sut.

" " bianca, Hutton.

" " " " var. montana, Suter.

" " tapirina, Hutton.

" " " " f. albina.

" " lucetta, Hutton.

" " caput-spinulœ, Reeve.

" " subantialba, Suter.

Laoma (s. str.) marina, Hutton.

" (Phrixgnathus) celia, Hutton.

" " glabriuscula, Pfr.

" " regularis, Pfr.

" " spiralis, sp. nov.

Otoconcha dimidiata, Pfr.

Rhytida meesoni, Suter.

Unio menziesii, Gray.

Pisidium novœ-zelandiœ, Prime.

VII.—Springburn, Mount Somers.

Professor A. Dendy collected the following species:—

Athoracophorus (Pseudaneitea) dendyi, sp. nov.

Flammulina (Therasia) thaisa, Hutton.

" (Allodiscus) planulata, Hutton.

" " adriana, Hutton.

" (Thalassohelix) igniflua, Reeve.

– 323 –

Endodonta (Charopa) coma, Gray.

" " anguiculus, Rve., var. montivaga, Sut.

" " sterkiana, Suter.

" (æschrodomus) barbatula, Reeve.

VIII.—Toitoi, Fortrose, Southland.

To Miss J. G. Rich I am indebted for the following Mollusca:—

Flammulina (Phacussa) hypopolia, Pfr.

" (Phenacohelix) chordata, Pfr.

" (Allodiscus) planulata, Hutton.

Endodonta (Charopa) tapirina, Hutton.

" " anguiculus, Rve., var. montivaga, Sut.

" " sterkiana, Suter, f. major.

" " moussoni, Suter.

" (Æschrodomus) stipulata, Reeve.

Laoma (Phrixgnathus) celia, Hutton.

Additions to the List of Introduced Mollusca.

Limnœa auricularia, L. Wanganui (R. Murdoch).

Aneitea graeffei, Humbert. Port Chalmers (Dr. Chilton); Collingwood (J. Dall).

Cionella lubrica, Müller. Auckland (Wright; H. S.).

Vallonia excentrica, Sterki. Auckland.

This shell was mentioned in my former list as V. pulchella, Müller. Since then Dr. Sterki has published a study on the genus Vallonia, and described the n. sp. excentrica, with which our shell perfectly agrees. It has very likely been introduced from England.

Hyalinia alliaria, Miller, I found in a paddock at Henderson, near Auckland.