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Volume 28, 1895
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– 735 –

1. An albino tui (Prosthemadera novæ-zealandiæ). This was the first instance he had met with of a perfectly white tui. It was a young male, from Stewart Island. Entire plumage milk-white, with tinge of cream on shoulders, back, and sides; even the bill and feet are white.

2. Specimen of tree-lizard described by Mr. Colenso as Naultinus versicolor (Trans. N.Z. Inst., vol. xvii., p. 150), so called on account of its having the faculty of changing its colour under the influence of certain emotions. It was obtained by Mr. A. Luff at Vogeltown, and he presented it to the Museum in that gentleman's name. Mr. Luff remarks that this lizard in its colour resembled the bark of the manuka-tree upon which he captured it, about 5ft. from the ground.