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Volume 28, 1895
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– 744 –

2. “On an Eclipse Phenomenon,” by Major-General Schaw.

3. “On a Wellington Weather Prognostic,” by Major-General Schaw. (Transactions, p. 71.)

Sir James Hector said that the remarks made by General Schaw re the eclipse do not apply only to eclipses, but would also apply to any light. In answer to Mr. Maskell, he explained on the blackboard how the barometer falls with a north-west wind and rises with a south wind during the eastward progress of a cyclonic circulation the limit of which lies to the south of Wellington.

General Schaw, in reply, said that the answer to Mr. Maskell's question was given in every modern book on meteorology, as explained by Sir J. Hector.

– 745 –

4. “Further Coccid Notes,” by W. M. Maskell. (Transactions, p. 380.)

5. “On New Zealand Sponges,” by H. B. Kirk, M.A. (Transactions, p. 205.)