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Volume 28, 1895
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The following exhibits were shown by Sir J. Hector, and remarks made on them: (1.) Elephant-fish (Callorhynchus antarcticus), from Wellington Harbour. (2.) Jaw-bone of elephant-fish, from Wellington Harbour. (3.) Eggs of elephant-fish, from Wellington Harbour. (4.) Spawn of elephant-fish (showing embryo), from Wellington Harbour. (5.) Fossil Callorhynchus, from Amuri Bluff. (6.) Clay-deposit containing mercury, from Russell. (7.) Common oyster (Ostrea edulis), from Kaipara Harbour. (8.) Rock-oyster (Ostrea glomerata), from Kaipara Harbour. (9.) Molybdenite, from Puhipuhi. (10.) Argentiferous galena, from Puhipuhi. (11.) Ore containing copper, lead, zinc, and silver, from Whangarei. (12.) Silver-ore, from Russell. (13.) Coal, from Hikurangi. (14.) Iridescent coal, from Hikurangi. (15.) Cheimarrichthys forsteri (fresh-water fish), from Inglewood.

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