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Volume 28, 1895
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Professor F. D. Brown gave a popular lecture on “Argon, the Newly-discovered Constituent of the Air.”


The lecturer alluded to the paper read before the Royal Society on 31st January by Lord Rayleigh and Professor Ramsay, in which the details of the discovery were first made public, and gave a synopsis of the chief facts of interest contained therein. He experimentally

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showed how argon could be obtained by passing atmospheric nitrogen backwards and forwards from one gas-holder to another over red-hot magnesium, whereby the nitrogen was slowly taken up as magnesium nitride, while there remained a residue of unabsorbed gas; and he also described the other methods which have been followed to obtain argon.

At the close of the lecture a vote of thanks was proposed by the Vice-president (Mr. J. H. Upton) and carried by acclamation.