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Volume 28, 1895
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Papers.—1. Dr. Hocken read a paper on “The Etymology of the Word ‘Penguin,’” producing historical evidence of the derivation of the word from the Celtic pen (head) and gwen (white).

The President and Mr. A. Wilson brought forward an earlier instance of the use of the word than that adduced by Dr. Hocken, and both they and Mr. F. R. Chapman considered that the question could not be considered as finally settled.

– 757 –

2. The President read a paper on “An Incident in the Early History of Otago.” (Transactions, p. 141.)

Dr. Hocken, Mr. F. R. Chapman, and Mr. A. Wilson took part in the discussion on the paper. Mr. Chapman expressed the opinion that the burning of the village probably took place at some place south of Taiaroa Head.