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Volume 28, 1895
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Exhibits.—(1.) Specimens of Hymenophyllum montanum and Lindsaya viridis, from Blind Bay, by Mr. R. I. Kigsley. (2.) Specimen of bass (?), caught at Motueka, by Mr. Moffat. (3.) Star-fish, by the Curator. (4.) Fruit-bat, from Mauritius. (5.) Black New Zealand rat, caught in Nelson. (6.) Australian roller (Eurystomus pacificus), from Nelson. (7.) Planchonia quercicola, scale-blight new to New Zealand, discovered at Stoke by R. I. Kingsley. (8.) Portions of moabones, found on papa rock at Sherry. (9.) Crystallized quartz, from Mr. Hodges.