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Volume 29, 1896
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– 602 –
Paper.—“On the Brunner Mine Disaster,”

Before proceeding with his paper, Sir James Hector asked permission to invite Mr. Bishop, the manager of the Brunner Mine, who was present, to say a few words on the subject, as Mr. Bishop was obliged to leave the meeting early to catch a steamer south, and he could not wait until the paper was read.

Permission having been granted, Mr. Bishop said he regretted that he had to leave in half an hour, and would not be present for the conclusion of the paper, which promised to be most interesting and instructive. He was, however, glad to be allowed an opportunity of saying that he had read the report of the Commissioners, and thought they had arrived at a just conclusion as to the cause of the lamentable disaster. He agreed with the suggestions made in the report, and felt sure that every mine-manager and miner in the country would loyally carry out-any legal provisions that were made to secure the safety of the working miner.