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Volume 29, 1896
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– 628 –

Mr. G. M. Thomson exhibited, and handed over to the Otago University Museum, some fossil remains which had

– 629 –

been obtained by Mr. Leslie Reynolds from a mining-claim at St. Bathans, Central Otago. The specimens consisted of portions of stems, leaves, and capsules of a species of Hakea, embedded in a bed of hard clay, probably of lacustrine origin. They were found at a depth of nearly 40ft. below the present surface. At the present time the genus Hakea is confined exclusively to Australia, from which about a hundred species have been described, and of these sixty-five are recorded from West Australia alone. Its occurrence, therefore, in New Zealand in Tertiary times opens up an interesting question as to the origin and former distribution of the genus, and of allied forms of Proteaceæ.