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Volume 30, 1897
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– 162 –

Genus Clitarchus, Stål. (1875).

Antennæ slender, about as long as the anterior femora, 20–22-jointed; first joint large, contracted towards the base; second joint narrower, subquadrate; third joint longer than the second but shorter than the first. Head with a keel on each side between the eyes and the bases of the antennæ. Pronotum with a transverse impression near the middle. Metathorax nearly as long as the mesothorax. First segment of the abdomen longer than broad. Legs medium, the middle

– 163 –

femora not longer than the metathorax; margins of the femora generally dentate throughout most of their length, the posterior armed with a tooth near the apex. First joint of the tarsi rather long, tectiform above. Anal styles foliaceous, elongated.

♂. Abdominal segments dilated at the ends; the last compressed, its sides deflexed and expanding posteriorly.

♀. Ovipositor reaching the apex of the abdomen; subcymbiform, gradually narrowed posteriorly.

Distribution.—New Zealand only.