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Volume 30, 1897
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– 181 –

Family Cicadidæ.

Tympana uncovered; ulnar veins of tegmina united at their origin Melampsalta.
Key to the Species.
a1. Apex of fifth ulnar area acute M. scutellaris.
b1. Apex of fifth ulnar area obtuse.
  a2. General colour reddiah, greenish, or yellowish.
    a3. Abdominal segments not black on the sides.
      a4. Tegmina greenish near the base M. muta.
      b4. Tegmina colourless M. cutora.
    b3. Abdominal segments black on the sides.
c4. Black marks on the lower surface of abdomen.
        a5. Base of the wings red M. cincta.
        b5. Base of the wings colourless.
          a6. Three or four black stripes on the mesonotum M. cruentata.
          b6. Two black stripes on the mesonotum M. angusta.
    d4. No black marks on the lower surface of abdomen M. iolanthe.
  b2. General colour blackish. M. cingulata.
    c3. Tegmina with fuscous marks near the apex M. mangu.
    d3. Tegmina without any fuscous marks.
      e4. Larger, very hairy.
        With reddish markings M. mangu.
        Without red markings M. cassiope.
      f4. Smaller, less hairy, with reddish markings M. nervosa.

Melampsalta scutellaris, Walker, Cat. Homop. in B.M., p. 150 (Cicada). Cicada arche, Walker, l.c., p. 195. Cicada tristis, Hudson, Trans. N.Z. Inst., vol. xxiii., p. 52.

Dull bronzy-greenish, with silvery pubescence; mesonotum with four obconical black marks, more or less vermiculated with reddish; abdomen with a broad central longitudinal dark band below. Tegmina rather narrow, tinged with brown or greenish, the costa tawny and the post-costal area fuscous; wings with the anal vein infuscated; fourth apical area does not project between the second and third ulnar areas. Length, 15–20 mm.; expanse, 45–63 mm.

Hab. Wellington.

– 182 –

Melampsalta cingulata, Fabricius, Syst. Ent., 680, 9 (Tettigonia); Hudson, Man. N.Z. Entomology, pl. 20, fig. 1; Trans. N.Z. Inst., xxiii., p. 50. Cicada zealandica, Boisduval, Voy. “Astrolabe,” Ent., pl. 10, fig. 6. Cicada indivulsa, Walker, Cat. Homop. in B.M., suppl., p. 33.

Head and thorax ochraceous or greenish, with black markings. A large black spot on the mesonotum just in front of the cruciform elevation, and a smaller black spot on each side of it. Abdomen dull-black, with reddish marks on the last segment. Tegmina with fuscous marks on the transverse veins at the bases of the second and third apical areas. Wings with a dark spot on the margin, at the anal angle, and another near the base. Length, 20–22 mm.; expanse, 67 mm.

Hab. Auckland to Southland.

Var. obscura, Hudson, Trans. N.Z. Inst., xxiii., p. 51.

Smaller and duller in colour.

Hab. Kaikoura Mountains, in river-beds.

Melampsalta muta, Fabricius, Syst. Ent., 681, 17 (Tettigonia). Cicada muta, Hudson, Man. N.Z. Ent., pl. xx., fig. 2. Cicada muta, var. sub-alpina, Hudson, Trans. N.Z. Inst., xxiii., p. 52.

Green or ochraceous. Mesonotum with two black spots on the disc in front of the cruciform elevation, and a black mark on each side. Abdomen with a silvery band, which is usually margined with black; no dark markings below. Tegmina and wings tinged with green near the base. Tarsi black. Length, 20 mm; expanse, 53 mm.

Hab. Nelson, in sub-alpine localities, and Southland.

Melampsalta cutora, Walker, Cat. Homop. B.M., p. 172 (Cicada). Cicada ochrina, Walker, l.c., suppl., p. 34. Cicada aprilina, Hudson, Trans. N.Z. Inst., xxiii., p. 53.

Like the last, but the tegmina and wings are colourless, arid the legs rarely have dark markings. Length, 15–21 mm.; expanse, 42–58 mm.

Probably a variety of M. muta.

Hab. Auckland, Lake Taupo, and Canterbury.

Melampsalta cruentata, Fabricius, Syst. Ent., 680, 10 (Tettigonia). Cicada rosea, Walker, Cat. Homop. B.M., p. 220. Cicada bilinea, Walker, Cat. Homop. B.M., suppl., p. 34. Cicada muta, var. rufescens, Hudson, Trans. N.Z. Inst., xxiii., p. 52.

Reddish, ochraceous, cr greenish, with black markings. Head thickly covered with hairs. Posterior margin of pronotum rosy red. Abdominal segments black above, with

– 183 –

posterior red borders; below, they are reddish, with a black spot in the middle of each. Costa rosy or brown. Length, 20 mm.; expanse, 49 mm.

Hab. Nelson to Southland, and the Chatham Islands.

Var. sericea, Walker, l.c., p. 172.

Costa green, black towards the tip.

Hab. Auckland.

Var. flavescens, Hudson, l.c., p. 52.


Hab. Mountains of Nelson.

Melampsalta angusta, Walker, Cat. Homop. B.M., p. 174 (Cicada). Cicada muta, var. cinerascens, Hudson, Trans. N.Z. Inst., xxiii., p. 52.

Yellowish-brown, with black markings. Mesonotum with only two broad obconical dark streaks. Abdomen as in M. cruentata, but the dark spots down the centre of the lower surface are broader and often confluent into a band. Length, 17 mm.; expanse, 47 mm.

Hab. Wellington and Canterbury.

Melampsalta cincta, Walker, Cat. Homop., in B.M., p. 204 (Cicada). Cicada muta, var. minor, Hudson, Trans. N.Z. Inst., xxiii., p. 52.

Tawny or reddish, with black markings; abdominal segments black, margined posteriorly with red above, and red with a black spot in the middle of each below. Tegmina rather broad, the basal area red; wings with the anal veins broadly margined with red. Length, 16–17 mm.; expanse, 35–37 mm.

Hab. Lake Taupo to Wellington.

Melampsalta iolanthe, Hudson, Trans. N.Z. Inst., xxiii., p. 53 (Cicada). Cicada iolanthe, Man. of N.Z. Entomology, pl 20, fig. 3.

Greenish or ochraceous, with black markings; the abdominal segments black, bordered posteriorly with red; below they are red. Tegmina rather broad, the costa green or brown. Length, 14 mm.; expanse, 34 mm.

Hab. Lake Taupo, Nelson, and Canterbury.

Melampsalta nervosa, Walker, Cat. Homop. in B.M., p. 213 (Cicada).

Black, with reddish stripes on the thorax; hind margins of the abdominal segments green. Legs yellow, marked with black. Length, 15 mm.; expanse, 36 mm.

Hab. Auckland.

– 184 –

Melampsalta mangn, Buchanan White, Ent. Mo. Mag., vol. 15, p. 214.

Black, with obsolete reddish markings on the thorax; long black-and-grey hairs and pale pubescence. Hind borders of the abdominal segments sometimes reddish or yellowish; lower surface pale-rosy. Legs pale-rosy, with black marks. Length, 17–20 mm.; expanse, 32–40 mm.

Hab. Mountains of Canterbury.

Melampsalta cassiope, Hudson, Trans. N.Z. Inst., xxiii., p. 54 (Cicada).

Black; the female with whitish hairs. Length, 19–21 mm.; expanse, 41–47 mm.

Hab. Mountains of Nelson and Marlborough.

Perhaps a variety of the last, but with longer wings.