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Volume 31, 1898

“Transactions of the New Zealand Institute.”

Corrigenda in Vol. XXX., Art. LIV.

Mr. J. A. Erskine, M.A. and Ex.1851 Sc. Scholar., has sent from London the following corrections to his paper:—

Page 462—

  • Equation, line 3. For L2 read i2.

  • Equation, line 7. For Ls read is.

  • Equation, line 11. For dt2/dt'dt1/dt'dts/dt read di2/dt'di1/dt'dis/dt'

  • Equation line 11. For R2 L2 read R2 read i2.

  • Equation line 13 (on left side). For L2 read i2.

  • Line 15. For L2 read i2.