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Volume 31, 1898

Corrigenda in Vol. XXX., Art. LIV.

Mr. J. A. Erskine, M.A. and Ex.1851 Sc. Scholar., has sent from London the following corrections to his paper:—

Page 462—

  • Equation, line 3. For L2 read i2.

  • Equation, line 7. For Ls read is.

  • Equation, line 11. For dt2/dt'dt1/dt'dts/dt read di2/dt'di1/dt'dis/dt'

  • Equation line 11. For R2 L2 read R2 read i2.

  • Equation line 13 (on left side). For L2 read i2.

  • Line 15. For L2 read i2.