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Volume 31, 1898
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– 134 –

Art. XV.—A List of Marine Shells found at Whangarei Heads.

[Read before the Auckland Institute, 10th October, 1898.]

The district of Whangarei Heads is on the east coast of Auckland Province, and about seventy miles north of Auckland. For the purposes of this paper the northern boundary of the district is a line from Marsden Point to the Kauri Mountain, and includes the entrance to Whangarei Harbour, the coast-line to Bream Head, and from thence to the Kauri Mountain. The country is mainly composed of volcanic breccia, with dykes of diorite with some slate. There is a good variety in the shore; mudflats, sandy beaches, and heavy boulders make it a favourable place for marine life. Inside the Heads the water is more or less smooth, while outside the beach is exposed to the full force of the waves of the open ocean.

The shells have been collected at various times by shore-hunting and dredging by myself and friends, and I have to thank Mr. H. Suter for his assistance in naming some of them.

Fam. Lepidopleuridæ.

Lepidopleurus inquinatus, Reeve.

– 135 –

Fam. Ischnochitonidæ.

Ischnochiton longicymba, Q. and G.

Fam. Mopaliidæ.

Plaxiphora suteri, Pilsbry.

Fam. Acanthochitidæ.

Acanthochites violaceus, Q. and G.

" zelandicus, Q. and G.

" poroaus, Burrow.

Fam. Chitonidæ.

Chiton quoyi, Desh.

" pellis-serpentis, Q. and G.

" canalicutus, Q. and G.

Eudoxochiton huttoni, Pilsbry.

Fam. Acmæidæ.

Acmæa lacunosa, Reeve.

" conoidea, Q. and G.

" fragilis, Q. and G.

" rubiginosa, Hutton.

" flammea, Hutton.

Fam. Patellidæ.

Patella strigilis, H. and J.

" denticulata, Martyn.

" radians, Gmel.

" stellifera, Gmel.

Fam. Haliotidæ.

Haliotis iris, Martyn.

" rugoso-plicata, Chem.

" virginea, Chem.

Fam. Fissurellidæ.

Emarginula striatula, Q. and G.

Subemarginula parmophoidea, Q. and G.

Scutus ambiguus, Chem.

Fam. Trochidæ.

Trochus tiaratus, Q. and G.

" oppressus, Hutton.

" viridis, Gmel.

Monodonta æthiops, Gmel.

" excavata, Ad. and Angas.

" lugubris, Gmel.

Cantharidus iris, Gmel.

" purpuratus, Mart.

" pupillus, Hutt.

" dilatatus, Sow.

" rufozona, A. Ad.

Gibbula nitida, Ad. and Ang.

– 136 –

Monilea egena, Gld.

Calliostoma tigris, Mart.

" punctatum, Mart.

Ethalia zelandica, H. and J.

Fam. Stomatiidæ.

Minoa rimata, Hutt.

Fam. Turbonidæ.

Turbo smaragdus, Mart., var. tricostatus, Hutt.

Turbo granosus, Mart.

Phasianella huttoni, Pils.

Astralium (Cookia) sulcatum, Mart., var davisii, Stowe.

Astralium (Imperator) heliotropium, Mart.

Fam. Neritidæ.

Nerita nigra, Gray.

Fam. Littorinidæ.

Littorina mauritiana, Lam.

" cincta, Q. and G.

Fossarina varia, Mutton.

Fam. Rissoiidæ.

Rissoia annulata, Hutt.

Rissoina rugulosa, Hutt.

Fam. Calyptræidæ.

Crepidula aculeata, Gmel.

" monoxyla, Less.

" unguiformis, Lam.

Calyptra calyptræformis, Lesson.

" scutum, Lesson.

Fam. Cypræidæ.

Cypræa (Trivia) australis, Lam. (a few dead shells).

Fam. Naticidæ.

Natica zealandica, Q. and G.

Fam. Lamellariidæ.

Lamellaria ophione, Gray.

Fam. Janthinidæ.

Janthina fragilis, Lam.

" globosa, Swainson.

" exigua, Lam.

Fam. Cerithiidæ.

Bittium exile, Hutt.

Potamides (Cerithidea) bicarinata, Gray.

" " subcarinata, Sow.

Cerithiopsis terebelloides, v. Mart.

Triforis angasi, Crosse (two dead shells only).

– 137 –

Fam. Scalariidæ.

Scalaria jukesiana, Forbes.

" zelebori, Frfld.

Fam. Solariidæ.

Solarium (Philippia) luteum, Lam.

" modesta, Phill. (a few dead shells).

Fam. Pyramidellidæ.

Turbonella zealandica, Hutton.

Fam. Turritellidæ.

Turritelia rosea, Q. and G.

" vittata, Hutton.

Fam. Trichotropidæ.

Trichotropis inornata, Hutton.

Fam. Struthiolariidæ.

Struthiolaria papulosa, Mart.

" vermis, Mart.

Fam. Lotoriidæ.

Lotorium nodiferum, Lam.

" olearium, L.

" spengleri, Lam.

" (Argobuccinum) argus, Gmel.

" (Argobuccinum) leucostomum, Lam.

Fam. Cassididæ.

Semicassis pyrum, Lam.

" achatina, Lam.

Fam. Doliidæ.

Dolium variegatum, Lam.

Fam. Fasciolariidæ.

Taron dubius. Hutton.

Fam. Mitridæ.

Turricula rubiginosa, Hutton.

Fam. Buccinidæ.

Siphonalia mandarina, Ducl.

" dilatata, Q. and G.

" nodosa, Mart.

Cominella maculata, Mart.

" maculosa, Mart.

" virgata, Ad.

" huttoni, Kob.

Pisania lineata, Mart.

" vittata, Q. and G.

" littorinoides, Reeve.

Columbella choava, Reeve.

– 138 –

Fam. Muricidæ.

Trophon stangeri, Gray.

" duodecimus, Gray.

" plebeius, Hutton.

Purpura succincta, Mart.

" striata, Mart.

" scobina, Q. and G.

" (Lepsia) haustrum, Mart.

Fam. Volutidæ.

Scaphella pacifica, Lam.

Fam. Olividæ.

Ancilla australis, Sow.

Fam. Marginellidæ.

Marginella musearia, Lam.

" (Volvaria) mustelina, Angas.

Fam. Pleurotomatidæ.

Surcula trailli, Hutton.

Fam. Terebridæ.

Terebra tristis, Desh.

Fam. Actæonidæ.

Actæon albus, Hutton.

Fam. Scaphandridæ.

Bullinella striata, Hutton.

Fam. Bullidæ.

Bulla australis, Gray.

" quoyi, Gray.

Haminea, zealandiæ, Gray.

Fam. Aplustridæ.

Aplustrum lineata, Wood.

Fam. Caroliniidæ.

Carolina affinis, d'Orb.

Fam. Pleurobranchidæ.

Pleurobranchus ornatus, Cheeseman.

Fam. Siphonariidæ.

Siphonaria australis, Q. and G.

" zealandica, Q. and G.

" redimiculum, Reeve.

Gardinia nivea, Hutton.

Fam. Dorididæ.

Doris rubicunda, Cheeseman.

" flabellifera, Cheeseman.

Chromodoris aureo-margmata, Cheeseman.

" amœna, Cheeseman.

– 139 –

Fam. Auriculidæ.

Marinula filholi, Hutton.

Fam. Amphibolidæ.

Amphibola avellana, Chemn.

Fam. Solenomyidæ.

Solenomya parkinsoni, Smith.

Fam. Arcidæ.

Arca decussata, Sow.

Pentunculus laticostatus, Q. and G.

" striatularis, Lam.

Fam. Mytilidæ.

Mytilus latus, Chemn.

" edulis, L.

" ater, Frfld.

Modiola australis, Gray.

Lithodomus truncatus, Gray.

Crenella impacta, Herm.

Modiolaria lanigera, Dkr.

Fam. Aviculidæ.

Pinna zealandiæ, Gray.

Fam. Ostreidæ.

Ostrea edulis, L.

" glomerata, Gould.

Fam. Pectinidæ.

Pecten laticostatus, Gray.

" zealandicus, Gray.

" convexus, Q. and G.

Lima angulata, Sow.

Fam. Carditæ.

Cardita tasmanica, Tenison-Woods.

Venericardia compressa, Reeve.

Fam. Lucinedæ.

Lucina dentata, Wood.

Fam. Eurycinidæ.

Kellya citriana, Hutton.

Fam. Tellinidæ.

Tellina disculus, Desh.

Fam. Mactridæ.

Mactra discors, Gray.

" æquilatera, Desh.

– 140 –
Fam. Mesodesmatidæ.

Mesodesma novæ-zealandiæ, Chemn.

" spissa, Reeve.

Fam. Veneridæ.

Dosinia australis, Gray.

" subrosea, Gray.

Venus crebra, Hutton.

" stutchburyi, Gray.

" costata, Q. and G.

" mesodesma, Q. and G.

Tapes intermedia, Q. and G.

Petricola reflexa, Gray.

" elegans, Desh.

" siliqua, Desh.

Fam. Psammobiidæ.

Psammobia stangeri, Gray.

" lineolata, Gray.

Fam. Myidæ.

Corbula zealandica, Q. and G.

Fam. Glycymeridæ.

Glycymeris zealandica, Q. and G.

Fam. Saxicavidæ.

Saxicava arctica, Sow.

Fam. Teredinidæ.

Teredo antarctica, Hutton.

Fam. Pandoridæ.

Myadora striata, Q. and G.

Fam. Spirulidæ.

Spirula peronii, Lam.

Fam. Octopodidæ.

Octopus, sp.

Fam. Argonautidæ.

Argonauta tuberculata, Shaw.