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Volume 31, 1898
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– 716 –

Sir James Hector exhibited and described the following specimens:—

1. Two large live specimens of the tuatara, Hatteria (Sphenodon) punctata; also the eggs and young.

This species of reptile, it was stated, was one of the proofs of the evolutionary theory, it being the sole remnant of an ancient primordial organism, and uniting in one form characteristics of birds and reptiles. Attention was called to the pineal eye.

2. A specimen of crocodile (Crocodilus americanus).

3. The crayfish (Palinurus edwardsii), prepared to show the anatomy.

It was a good type study for students. Other specimens were exhibited and described, and the life-history given.

4. Emmelichthus nitidus, a rare fish, allied to the kahawai. One was previously obtained by Sir George Grey, and one by Mr. Travers.