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Volume 31, 1898
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– 720 –

The Chairman called attention to the death of the late Mr. Charles Hulke.

He said he was sure that every member would deplore the loss of so active a member of the Society. He was a former President, and always, took a great interest in the proceedings. He had known Mr. Hulke personally for twenty years, and could speak of him as a thoroughly conscientious and honourable man. He was a perfect anthusiast in his profession—that of a teacher—and was well informed on almost every subject. He was an excellent analytical chemist, and did much useful practical work in that line. He was a good German linguist, and one of the earliest volumes of their Transactions contained, he believed, his translation of Dr. Otto Finsch's pamphlet, being a criticism of his (Sir W. Buller'p) Essay on the Ornithology of New Zealand. Mr. Hulke's last appearance among them was at the conversazione held at the Museum in the early part of the session. He appeared then to he in perfect health, and he remembered him making some very original observations on the live tuataras exhibited on that occasion in the Maori House. By his death at a comparatively early age the Society had sustained a serious loss.

Payers.—1. “On the Ornithology of New Zealand,” by Sir W. Buller. (Transactions, p. 1.)

– 721 –

2. “On Anosia bolina,” a beautiful butterfly that has recently made its appearance in this district, by A. P. Buller; communicated by Sir W. Buller. (Transactions, p. 38.)

Mr. Hudson said this rare butterfly had now been found in Auckland, Nelson, and Collingwood.