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Volume 31, 1898
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Appreciation of the Mr. W. M. Maskell

Dr. W. P. Evans, President, in the chair.

New Members.—Mr. W. H. Hammond, Miss L. Stevenson, Miss E. Kitchingman.

The following resolution was passed: “The Philosophical Institute of Canterbury hereby places on record its regret at the death of its late member, Mr. W. M. Maskell, and its appreciation of his services in the cause of science, especially in entomology, and requests the President to convey to Mrs. Maskell its sympathy with her in her sorrow.”

Papers.—1. “An Instrument for roughly determining the Relative Thermal Conductivities of Liquids,” by Dr. W. P. Evans. (Transactions, p. 555.)

Dr. W. P. Evans exhibited a model in illustration of his paper.

2. “On the Burning and Reproduction of Subalpine Scrub and its Associated Plants, with Special Reference to the Arthur's Pass District,” by Mr. L. Cockayne. (Transactions, p. 398.)

Mr. L. Cockayne exhibited botanical specimens and photographs in illustration of his paper.