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Volume 31, 1898
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– 731 –

Fourth Meeting : 3rd August, 1898.

Dr. W. P. Evans, President, in the chair.

Address.—Mr. L. Cockayne delivered an address on “The Cultivation of New Zealand Alpine Plants,” largely illustrated by specimens and lantern slides.

Papers.—1.“On the Genus Weissia,” by Mr. R. Brown. [Transactions, p. 437.)

2. “Corrections in the Names of some New Zealand Rocks,” by Captain Hutton. [Transactions, p. 483.)

– 732 –

3. “Supplement to the Stenopelmatidæ of New Zealand,” by Captain Hutton. (Transactions, p. 40.)

Fifth Meeting : 7th September, 1898.

Mr. L. Cockayne, Vice-president, in the chair.