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Volume 31, 1898
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Seventh Meeting: 2nd November, 1898.

Dr. W. P. Evans, President, in the chair.

New Members.—Mr. William Reece and Mr. R. D. Thomas.

Address.—Mr. R. Speight delivered an address on “The Microscope in Geology,” illustrated by lantern slides.

The lecturer exhibited microscopic preparations of rock-sections in illustration of his address.

Papers.—1. “On the New Zealand Musci,” by Mr. R. Brown. (Transactions, p. 442.)

2. “Some Recent Additions to the New Zealand Moss-Flora,” by Mr. T. W. Naylor Beckett. (Transactions, p. 426.)

3. “Revision of the New Zealand Pleurotomidæ,” by Mr. H. Suter. (Transactions, p. 64.)

4. “New Zealand Polyplacophora,” by Mr. H. Suter. (Transactions, p. 59.)

5. “A Graphic Method of calculating Cubic Content of Excavation, as for Water-races on Uneven Ground,” by Mr. G. Hogben. (Transactions, p. 602.)

6. “The Wanganui Earthquake of the 8th December, 1897.” by Mr. G. Hogben. (Transactions, p. 583.)

7. The Tasmanian Earthquake,“by G. Hogben, M.A. (Transactions p. 594.)

8. “Revision of the New Zealand Phasmidæ,” by Captain F. W. Hutton. (Transactions, p. 50.)

9. “Notes on the New Zealand Acrididæ,” by Captain F. W. Hutton. (Transactions, p. 44.)

10. “On the Footprint of a Kiwi-like Bird from Manaroa,” by Captain F. W. Hutton. (Transactions, p. 486.)

The author exhibited the fossil footprint.

11. “Distillation Products of Blackball Coal: Part IV.,” by Dr. W. P. Evans. (Transactions, p. 556.)

12. “Analyses of Seventeen New Zealand Coals,” by Dr. W. P. Evans. (Transactions, p. 564.)

13. “Contact Metamorphosis at the New Brockley Coal-mine,” by Dr. W. P. Evans. (Transactions, p. 557.)

The author exhibited specimens from the Brockley Coal-mine.

14. “On Occlusion of Sulphuretted Hydrogen in Coal,” by Dr. W. P. Evans. (Transactions, p. 566.)