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Volume 31, 1898
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Appreciation of the late Rev. W. Colenso, F.R.S.
Eighth Meeting : 22nd February, 1899.

Dr. W. P. Evans, President, in the chair.

The following resolution was passed : “The Philosophical Institute of Canterbury wishes to place on record its sense of the great loss science in New Zealand has sustained by the death of the Rev W. Colenso, who for so many years has done good work in philology, botany, and zoology.”

Address.—Professor Dendy delivered an address on “The Life-history of the Tuatara,” illustrated by diagrams and specimens. (Transactions, p. 249.)

Papers.—1. “On the Neuroptera of New Zealand,” by Captain Hutton. (Transactions, p. 208.)

2. “On the Seedling Forms of New Zealand Phanerogams : Part II,” by Mr. L. Cockayne. (Transactions, p. 361.)

3. “On Ligusticum trifoliatum,” by Mr. L. Cockayne. (Transactions, p. 424.)

4. “Descriptions of New Species of Astelia, Veronica, and Celmisia,” by Mr. L. Cockayne. (Transactions, p. 419.)

5. “List of New Zealand Mollusca described in Foreign Publications since 1890,” by Mr. H. Suter. (Transactions, p. 255.)

Annual Meeting: 5th April, 1899.

Dr. W. P. Evans, President, in the chair.

New Members.—Mr. J. S. S. Cooper and Professor Arnold Wall, M.A.