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Volume 31, 1898
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Remarks on the Proposed Fish-Hatchery at Purakanui.

Since the last annual meeting matters have been almost at a standstill re the marine fish-hatchery at Purakanui, but we hope we shall soon be able to report favourably on the near prospect of the establishment of the proposed hatchery.

On the 8th December last, in reply to a letter from Mr. G. M. Thomson, the Secretary to the Marine Department wrote to say that the sum of £750 was placed on the supplementary estimates, and voted for Fish-hatcheries and expenses of Expert Ayson to Canada and America, but that nothing will be done by the Government in the matter of establishing hatcheries pending the return of the expert.“Before his departure for America and Europe Mr. Ayson came down to Dunedin and met some of the members of the committee and of the Otago Acclimatisation Society. As we understand that he has made excellent use of his time in visiting the principal hatchery establishments and biological stations of the Northern Hemisphere, and generally in obtaining information on the subject, we anticipate that he will be able to give a very full report of what is being done. As the amount asked by us from the Government as a subsidy was £500, and as Mr. Ayson'a expenses would considerably exceed the extra £250 voted last year, we are glad to notice that an additional sum of £250 has been voted this session.

On the 22nd September the area indicated at Purakanui in our last report was gazetted as a reserve for a fish-hatchery.

We regret that no further communication has been received from the Scotch Fishery Board in regard to the experiments to be undertaken on behalf of this Institute in the retardation of fish ova. In reply, however, to Dr. Chilton, who made direct inquiry on the subject, Dr. Fulton, the scientific superintendent of the Scotch Board, stated that the delay was due to the transference of the Board's hatchery from Dunbar to Aberdeen, and that he would shortly forward a communication to us on the subject.

The receipts for the year ended the 7th November, including a balance brought forward of £27 9s. 3d., come to £86 5s. 3d. The expenditure during the same period came to £42 11s. 3d., leaving a balance in the Union Bank of £43 14s.