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Volume 31, 1898
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Remarks On The Weather During 1898.

January.—Showery, with intervals of fine weather. Prevailing S.W. wind and often strong in North; generally fine over centre; and changeable and showery in South, and westerly winds.

February.—Generally fine in North and over centre, with fresh S. W. and N.W. winds; in South showery and cold.

March.—On the whole a fine month, with fresh N.W. and S.W. winds, and showery at intervals; cold in South.

April.—In North fine weather and moderate variable winds; over centre heavy rain and strong N.W. winds; in South cold and changeable, and light showers.

May.—Showery weather and strong N.E. winds, especially in early part; over centre heavy rain and strong N.W. winds, frequent fogs, and thunder; and in South showery, and fresh S.W. winds.

June.—Heavy rain latter part, otherwise fine, with prevailing S. and S.W. winds; over centre showery towards end of month, and strong N.W. winds; frequent fogs. In South fine early part and showery towards end of month; prevailing S.W. winds, but moderate.

July.—A very wet stormy month in North, with S.W. winds, frequent thunder, and hail; also showery over centre, with thunder, hail and snow, and strong N.W. winds; and in South cold and showery; winds S.W. generally, and frequent snow.

August.—In North a wet month, with N.E. gales in early part, a few fine days at end; over centre a showery cold month, with prevailing S.E. winds and fresh; frequent fogs; in South changeable in early part and fine towards end, and S.W. winds.

September.—A showery bat pleasant month in North, with moderate S.W. winds; over centre some heavy rain, with intervals of fine weather; prevailing N.W. winds and fresh. In South generally fine, with moderate-winds.

October.—In North generally showery, but some fine days; prevailing S.W. winds and strong; also strong N.E. towards end of month, and thunderstorms. Over centre stormy from N.W., but clear weather; fine middle of month, and showery and strong N.W. wind during latter part. In South changeable and showery weather, with S.W. winds.

November.—In North generally fine, with S.W. winds, strong at commencement but generally moderate; over centre showery first half, and the latter part fine; prevailing N.W. winds, and generally strong. In South showery early part and fine during latter part, with S.W. and W. winds.

December.—In North some fine weather, but on the whole showery, with N.E. and S.W. winds; over centre a fine month, with light showers; prevailing N.W. winds and often strong. In South showery during middle of month, but fine early and latter parts; moderate variable winds.