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Volume 33, 1900


Art. I. Synopsis of the Diptera brachycera of New Zealand. By Captain F. W. Hutton, F.R.S. 195
II. Note on Chrysophanus feredayi. By Captain F. W. Hutton. 9697
III. Note on the Distribution of some Australasian Collembola. By Arthur Dendy, D.Sc., Professor of Biology in the Canterbury College, University of New Zealand 9798
IV. On a New Zealand Fresh-water Leech (Glossiphonia (Clepsine) novæ-zealandiæ, n. sp.). By Arthur Dendy, D.Sc., and Margaret F. Olliver, M.A., Senior Scholar in Zoology, University of New Zealand 99103
V. On a Collection of Hymenoptera made in the Neighbourhood of Wellington by Mr. G. V. Hudson, with Descriptions of New Genera and Species. By P. Cameron, of Stockport, Cheshire. Communicated by Captain F. W. Hutton 104120
VI. On the New Zealand Lancelet. By W. B. Benham, D. Sc., M.A., F.Z.S., Professor of Biology in the University of Otago 120122
VII. An Account of Acanthodrilus uliginosus, Hutton. By W. Blaxland Benham 122129
VIII. On some Earthworms from the Islands around New Zealand. By W. Blaxland Benham 129144
IX. Life-history of Plutella cruciferarum, Zeller. By F. W. Hilgendorf, M.A., B.Sc., Canterbury Agricultural College 145146
X. Description of the Caterpillar of Epirranthis alectoraria. By George R. Marriner. Communicated by Professor Dendy 147148
XI. Notes on New Zealand Ephemeridæ. By C. O. Lillie, M.A., B.Sc. 149150
XII. Further Contributions to the Geographical Distribution of the New Zealand Non-marine Mollusca. By Henry Suter 151152
XIII. Hymenopterous Parasite of Ovum of Vanessa gonerilla. By Ambrose Quail, F.E.S. 153154
XIV. On Lysiphragma howesii, sp. nov. By Ambrose Quail. Communicated by Captain F. W. Hutton 154158
– vi –
Art. XV. Embryological Structure of New Zealand Lepidoptera: Part I. By Ambrose Quail 159165
XVI. On “Sugaring” for Lepidoptera in Southland. By Alfred Philpott. Communicated by G. V. Hudson, F.E.S. 166167
XVII. A Catalogue of the Lepidotera of Southland. By Alfred Philpott. Communicated by G. V. Hudson, F.E.S. 167185
XVIII. Lepidoptera of Mount Ida. By J. H. Lewis. Communicated by G. V. Hudson, F.E.S. 186187
XIX. On the Occurrence of Metacrias strategica at Invercargill. By George Howes, F.E.S. Communicated by G.V. Hudson, F.E.S. 188190
XX. Breeding Black Sheep: a Study in Colour. By Taylor White 191199
XXI. On Hybridism. By Taylor White 199206
XXII. On the Freshwater Shells of Rissington, Hawke's Bay. By F. Hutchinson, jun. 207213
XXIII. Scinde Island, from a Naturalist's Point of View. By F. Hutchinson, jun. 213221
XXIV. Notes on New Zealand Land Planarians: Part IV. By Arthur Dendy, D Sc., F.L.S., Professor of Biology in the Canterbury College, University of New Zealand 222240
XXV. Notes on Salmonidæ and their New Home in the South Pacific. By A. J. Rutherfurd, Chairman of the Wellington Acclimatisation Society 240249
XXVI. Description of a New Ophiurid. By H. Farquhar. Communicated by the Secretary of the Wellington Philosophical Society 250
XXVII. Our Migratory Birds. By Captain F. W. Hutton, F.R.S. 251264
XXVIII. An Inquiry into the Seedling Forms of New Zealand Phanerogams and their Development. By L. Cockayne 265298
XXIX. Note on the Occurrence of the Genera Gunnera and Myosotis in Chatham Islands. By L. Cockayne 298299
XXX. A List of the Seaweeds of Norfolk Island. By R. M. Laing, B.Sc. 299301
XXXI. On the Occurrence of Cordyline terminalis in New Zealand. By the Rev. Canon Walsh 301306
XXXII. Notes on the Cultivated Food-plants of the Polynesians, with Special Reference to the Ti Pore (Cordyline terminalis). By T. F. Cheeseman, F.L.S. 306311
XXXIII. Some Recent Additions to the New Zealand Flora. By T. F. Cheeseman 312313
XXXIV. Plant-acclimatisation in New Zealand. By George M. Thomson, F.L.S. 313323
XXXV. On the Regrowth of the Totara. By Joshua Rutland 324327
XXXVI. Descriptions of New Native Plants. By D. Petrie, M.A. 328329
XXXVII. Notes on the New Zealand Musci. By Robert Brown 330333
– vii –
Art. XXXVIII. Notes on an Artesian-well System at the Base of the Port Hills. By S. Page, with Analyses by E.B.R. Prideaux, B.A. 335336
XXXIX. On the Occurrence of Crys allized Native Copper on Mine timbers at Kawau Island. By W. H. Baker, B.Sc 336339
XL. Notes on a Quartz Mica diorite from Western Flanks of Moehau. By James Park, F.G.S. 339341
XLI. Notes on a Hypersthene Andesite from Waihi Mine, Waihi. By James Park 342343
XLII. Notes on the Cave at Papatu, Ormondville, Hawke's Bay. By H. N. McLeod 343344
IV—Chemistry and Physics.
XLIII. Studies on the Chemistry of the New Zealand Flora. By T. H. Easterfield, Professor of Chemistry in Victoria College, and B. C. Aston, Chemist to the Department of Agriculture 345355
XLIV. Researches into the Action of Fusible Cutouts. By E. G. Brown, A.I.E.E. 356367
XLV. Investigation into Kauri-resin. By E. B. R. Prideaux 368376
XLVI. Facts discovered in his Investigation of the Motions of the Atmosphere in the Southern Hemisphere. By Major-General H. Schaw, C.B.,R.E. 376380
XLVII. Note on the Fog in Wellington on the Morning of the 19th June, 1900. By H N. McLeod 380381
XLVIII. Note on the Vapour-density of Mercury. By Douglas Hector. Communicated by Professor Easterfield 382
XLIX. On Entomological Field-work in New Zealand. By G. V. Hudson, F.E.S 383395
L. The Extension of University and Science Work in New Zealand. By H. Hill, B.A., F.G.S. 395406
LI. The Early Days of Printing in New Zealand: a Chapter of Intsresting History. By H. Hill 407426
LII. On Ancient Maori Relics from Canterbury, New Zealand. By W. W. Smith, F.E.S. 426433
LIII. An Optical Illusion. By G. W. Tiffen 434436
LIV. The Bite of the Katipo. By Dr. Fyffe 436438
LV. Seals as Navigators. By R. Henry 439443
LVI. Rats and Plague. By H. C. Field 443445
LVII. The Population of New Zealand. By H. W. Segar, M.A., Professor of Mathematics, University College, Auckland 445467
LVIII. Maori Origins: Part II. By Elsdon Best 467471
LIX. Some Account of the Beginnings of Literature in New Zealand: Part I, the Maori Section. By Dr. T. M. Hocken, F.L.S. 472490
LX. “Giotto's Circle” and Writing. By H. N. McLeod 491492
LXL. Survey: Practical and Precise. By the Honourable G. F. Richardson 492498
LXII. On the Tracks of Captain Cook. By Professor E. E. Morris, M.A., Litt.D., Melbourne University. Communicated by Sir James Hector 499514
LXIII. Hand-list of certain Papers relating more or less directly to the Maori Race, and published in various Publications. By A. Hamilton 515537
– viii –
New Zealand Institute. Thirty-second Annual Report Pages
Accounts for 1899–1900 545
Wellington Philosophical Society.
Notes on Additions to the Museum. By Sir James Hector 549
Description of Great Spider-crab (Paramicippa grandis). By Sir J. Hector 550
Remarks on the Chemistry of Tutu 550
Remarks on the Fog of 19th June 551
Remarks on the Papatu Cave, Ormondville 551
Remarks on Rats and Plague 551
Notes on Recent Additions to the Museum. By Sir J. Hector 551
Early Explorations and Colonisation of Western Canada. By Sir J. Hector 552554
On a Remarkable Lycopodium. By Sir J. Hector 554
Appreciation of the late William Skey 555
Motions of the Atmosphere in the Southren Hemisphere 555
The Regrowth of Totara 555
Notes on Natural-history Exhibits 555556
On “Giotto's Circle” and Writing 556
On the Bite of the Katipo 556557
Remarks on Hydridœ and other Sea-snakes. By Sir J. Hector 557
Remarks on Exhibits 557558
On Sporges from the Chatham Islands. By Sir J. Hector 558
On the Conservation of Native Birds: a Letter from Professor Newton, of Cambridge 559
Abstract of Annual Report 560
Election of Officers for 1901 560
On Seismograms of Distant Earthquakes. By G. Hogben, M.A. 560562
Description of Exhibits. By Sir J. Hector 562
Remarks on a Supposed Specimen of Salmo salar. By Sir J. Hector 562563
Remarks on Photographs taken by R. Henry, of the Reserve at Dusky Sound 563
Auckland Institute.
The Rotomahana of To-day. By J. A. Pond 564
Notes on the Ti Pore 564
A Nation's Ingratitude. By E. A. Mackechnie 564
The Sexual Theory in Plants. By Professor H. W. Segar 565
On the Geology of the Auckland Domain. By P. Marshall, D.Sc. 565
On Democracy and Popular Government. By Dr. H. Macarthur 565
The Relation between Light and Electric Force. By E. V. Miller 565
On the Waitakerei Ranges. By Professor A. P. W. Thomas 565
– ix –
Why not prepare Students for Technical Schools. By James Adams 566
The Surface of a Liquid. By Professor F. D. Brown 566
On a Hot Spring in the Rotomabann Rift. By J. A. Pond 566
Abstract of Annual Report 566568
Election of Officers for 1901 568
Philosophical Institute of Canterbury.
The Geological Structure of Lyttolton Harbour. By R. M. Laing 569
Some Modern Applications of Electricity. By J. L. Scott 569
Exhibit of Instruments used in Investigations in Vegetable Physiology, by Professor Dendy 569
List of Exhibits 570
On Bacteria. By Professor Dendy 571
Appreciation of the late Mr. H. R. Webb, F.R.M.S. 571
On a Lygosoma from Pitt Island. By Professor Dendy 571
Abstract of Annual Report 572
Election of Officers for 1901 572
Otago Institute.
Account of Recent Excavations at Olympia. By A. Wilson 573
Account of Dr. Berggron's Researches in New Zealand. By Dr. Hooker 573
Exhibits, by Professor Benham 573
Remarks on some of the Lower Forms of Animal Life in New Zealand. By Professor Benham 573574
Account of Government Trawling Operations. By G. M. Thomson 574
Remarks on Proposed Fish-hatchery. By G. M. Thomson 574
Exhibit of Mctacrias strategica, by A. Hamilton 574
Account of a New Track to the West Coast. By C. W. Chamberlain 575
On a Young Whale caught near Otago Heads. By Professor Benham 575
The Marine Annelids of the New Zealand Shores. By Professor Benham 575
The Knowledge of Animals in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries. By T. D. Pearce 575
On a Large Spider-crab (Prionorhynchus edwardsii). By Professor Benham 576
On the Condition of Forestry in Now Zealand. By H. T. Matthews 576
On the Undue Weight attached to the Training of certain intellectual Faculties. By Dr. Truby King 576
List of Scientific Papers and Addresses by the late Sir Julius von Haast. By A. Hamilton 576
Abstract of Annual Report 577
Election of Officers for 1901 577
On Cremation. By E. Melland 577
Hawke's Bay Philosophical Institute.
The Science of the Nineteenth Century. By the President 578
Bacteria: Benevolent and Malevolent, with Special Reference to the Plague and to the Treatment of Sewage. By Dr. Leahy 578
Mars and its Canals. By the Rev. W. G. Parsonson 578
– x –
The House-fly and other Common Insects. By the Rev. Dr. Kennedy, M.A. 578
Vivisection. By T. C. Moore, M.D. 579
Abstract of Annual Report 579
Election of Officers for 1901 579
Westland Institute.
Abstract of Annual Report 580
Election of Officers for 1901 580
Nelson Philosophical Society.
Resolutions as to Amalgamation with the Nelson Institute 581
Election of Officers for 1901 581
Meteorology of New Zealand—
Comparative Abstract for 1900 and Previous Years 585
Average Temperature of Seasons compared with those of the Previous Year 585
Remarks on the Weather during 1900 586
Earthquakes reported during 1900 587
New Zealand Institute, Honorary Members 588
New Zealand Institute, Ordinary Members 589596
List of Institutions and Persons to whom this Volume is presented by the Governors of the New Zealand Institute 597601
Index 603–608
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Contents v.–x.
List of Plates xi.
Board of Governors and Officers of the New Zealand Institute xiii.
Abstracts of Rules and Statutes of the New Zealand Institute xiii.–xv.
Roll of Incorporated Societies xvi.
Officers of Incorporated Societies, and Extracts from the Rules xvi.–xix.