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Volume 33, 1900

List of Plates.
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Plate To illustrate Article
I. Benham.—New Zealand Lancelet VI.
II. " New Zealand Earthworms VIII.
III. " " VIII.
IV. " " VIII.
V. " Acanthodrilus uliginosus VII.
VI. Marriner.—Caterpillar of Epirranthis alectoraria X.
VII. Lillie:—Ephemerid Nymph XI.
VIII. Quail.—Hymenopterous Parasite of Ovum of Vanessa gonerilla XIII.
Lysiphragma howesii, n.s. XIV.
IX. " New Zealand Lepidoptera XV.
X. Cockayne.—Seedlings XXVIII.
XIII. R. Brown.—New Zealand Mosses XXXVII.
XIV. E. G. Brown.—-Emissivity Diagram XLIV.
XV. Schaw.—Isobars XLVI.
XVI. W. Smith.—Maori Relics LII.
XVII. Prideaux.—Apparatus for Investigation of Kauri-gum XLV.
XVIII. Henry.—-View in Dusky Sound page 563
XIX. " "
XX. " "
XXI. " "
XXII. " "
XXIII. " showing stumps of trees cut down by Captain Cook "