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Volume 33, 1900
– xvi –

Auckland Institute.

Office-bearers for 1901.—President—J. Stewart, Esq., C.E.; Vice-presidents—Professor H. W. Segar and J. Batger; Council—C. Cooper, H. Haines, A. Hunter, C.E., E. V. Miller, T. Peacock, J. A. Pond, Dr. H. Swale; Professor Talbot-Tubbs, Professor A. P. Thomas, J. H. Upton; Secretary and Treasurer—T. F. Cheeseman, Auditor—W. Gorrie.

– xvii –
Extracts from the Rules of the Auckland Institute.

5. Any person desiring to become a member of the Institute shall be proposed and seconded by two members of the Institute, and shall be balloted for at the next meeting of the Council.

6. The annual subscription shall be one guinea. Members may at any time become life-members by one payment of ten guineas in lieu of future annual subscriptions.

9. The annual subscription shall become due on the first day of April for the year then commencing. The first year's subscription of a new member shall become due on the day of his election.

30. An annual general meeting of the Institute, convened by advertisement or circular, shall be held in the month of February in each year.

32. Ordinary meetings for the reading of papers, and for transacting the general business of the Institute, shall be called at such times as the Council shall decide.