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Volume 33, 1900
– xix –

Nelson Philosophical Society.

Office-bearers for 1901.—President—The Bishop of Nelson; Vice-presidents, A. S. Atkinson and Dr. Mackie; Hon. Secretary—R. I. Kingsley; Hon. Treasurer—Dr. Hudson; Hon. Curator—R. I. Kingsley; Assistant Curator—E. Lukins; Council—The President, Vice-presidents, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, F. G. Gibbs, E. Lukins, J. S. Chatterton, and J. G. Bartell.

Extracts from the Rules of the Nelson Philosophical Society.

4. Members shall be elected by ballot.

6. The annual subscription shall be one guinea.

7. The sum of ten guineas may be paid in composition of the annual subscription.

16. Meetings shall be held on the second Monday in every month.

23. The papers read before the Society shall be immediately delivered to the Secretary.