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Volume 33, 1900
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– 114 –
Degithina davidi, sp. nov.

Ferruginea; facie, scutello, post-scutello, metanoti basi, late, mesopleuris, petioloque, flavis; pedibus rufis; alis hyalinis, nervis stigmateque nigris. ♂.

Long., 13 mm.

Head rufous, below the antennæ yellow. Mandibles yellow, their teeth black; palpi rufo-testaceous. The depressed front smooth and shining, the sides and lower part of the ocellar region striated; the upper part of the front with a wide furrow. Face distinctly and closely punctured; the clypeus much more sparsely and indistinctly punctured. Thorax rufous; the lower half of the propleuræ, the upper part and apex of the mesopleuræ, the base and lower part of the metapleuræ more broadly, the space at the sides of the scutellums, the central apical area, and the sides at the apex of the metanotum, black; a spot on the base of the propleuræ, the greater part of the mesopleuræ, of the metapleuræ, the scutellum, post-scutellum, and the base of the metanotum to the top of the apical slope, yellow. Mesonotum and scutellum sparsely punctured; the basal half of the median segment has no areæ; on the apex are three, the central being slightly wider at the top than at the bottom; pleuræ smooth and shining. Legs uniformly rufous. The recurrent nervure is received shortly beyond the middle. Abdomen smooth and shining; gastracœli shallow, smooth.