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Volume 33, 1900
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Art. XII.—Further Contributions to the Geographical Distribution of the New Zealand Non-marine Mollusca.

[Read before the Auckland Institute, 15th October, 1900.]

No. I. Shells collected near Birch Hill Station, Wairau, Province of Nelson, by Mr. Edward Suter.

No. II. Shells from Happy Valley, near Motanau, Canterbury, by Mr. Fritz Suter. Of special interest is the occurrence of Flammulina virescens, Endodonta tau, wairarapa, mutabilis, and novoseelandica, the latter having been known from the North Island only.

No. III. Mr. A. Hamilton, of Dunedin, collected some shells near Ngaputahi, Urewera country. Most of the shells were in a bad condition, and their identification not easy. Endodonta varicosa I had hitherto only seen from Taranaki and the South Island, and amongst the lot I found a new species, Endodonta (Ptychodon) ureweraensis (Suter, Journal of Malacology, 1899, vol. vii., p. 53, pl. iii., figs. 7–10).

No. IV. A few land-shells collected near Otarama, Canterbury, by Mr. Alf. Suter.

No. V. Shells collected by Mr. Charles Cooper, of Auckland, on Chicken Island.

The localities Nos. III. and V. were up to the present a terra incognita conchologically, and I am much indebted to my two friends for presenting to me the whole of their harvest.

I. II. III. IV. V.
Fam. Limnæidæ.
Isidora variabilis. Gray X
Fam. Rhytididæ.
Rhytida meesoni, Suter X
Rhenea coresia, Gray X
Fam. Phenacohelicidæ.
 Genus Flammulina.
Phacussa hypopolia, Pfeiffer X
Thalassohelix zelandiæ, Gray X
" ziczac, Gould X
" igniflua, Reeve X
Allodiscus dimorpha, Pfeiffer X
" tullia, Gray X
" granum, Pfeiffer X
" planulata, Hutton X
– 152 –
I. II. III. IV. V.
Pyrrha virescens, Suter X
Therasia celinde, Gray X
" decidua, Pfeiffer X X
" traversi, E. A. Smith X
Phenacohelix lucetta, Hutton X
Suteria ide, Gray X X
Flammulina zebra, Le Guillou X
" crebriflammis, Pfeiffer X X
" perdita, Hutton X
" pilsbryi, Suter X X
Fam. Laomidæ.
 Genus Laoma.
Phrixgnathus mariæ, Gray X
" ariel, Hutton X
" phrynia, Hutton X X
" allochroida, var. X
 lateumbilicata, Suter
Fam. Patulidæ.
Genus Endodonta.
Thaumatodon varicosa, Pfeiffer X
" tau, Pfeiffer X
Ptychodon wairarapa, Suter X
" ureweraensis, Suter X
Phenacharopa novoseelandica, Pf. X
Charopa coma, Gray X X X
" " " var. globosa, Suter X
" buccinella, Reeve X
" anguiculus, Reeve X X
" " " var. montivaga, Suter X X X
" corniculum, Reeve X
" infecta, Reeve X
" caput spinulæ, Reeve X X
" bianca, Hutton X
" tapirina, Hutton X
" sterkiana, Suter, var. X
" mutabilis, Suter X
" subinfecta, Suter X
Fam. Bulimulidæ.
Placostylus hongii, Lesson, em. (shongii) X
Fam. Unionidæ.
Unio menziesi, Gray, var. rugata, Hutton X