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Volume 33, 1900
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– 298 –

Art. XXIX.—Note on the Occurrence of the Genera
Gunnera and Myosotis in Chatham Islands.

[Read before the Philosophical Institute of Canterbury, 27th February 901.]

The genera Gunnera and Myosotis have not been recorded as occurring in the Chatham Islands so far as I can ascertain, notwithstanding there is a specimen of the latter, collected by Mr. H. H. Travers, in the herbarium of the Christchurch Museum. It therefore may be of interest to note that I met with both during my recent botanical excursion to Chatham Islands.

Gunnera monoica, Raoul, I found growing on the high land some two miles east of the Ngaio. One patch was on wet peaty ground, and another occupied the margin of a neighbouring swamp.

– 299 –

A species of Myosotis, possibly M. spathulata, Forst., was shown to me by Mr. F. Arthur D. Cox, growing in the shade of a small patch of forest on Whangamarino. The individual plants were by no means numerous. I collected a second plant growing in stony débris at the foot of the Te Awatapu Waterfall. It is just possible that this latter plant is distinct from the former.