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Volume 33, 1900
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– 554 –

A very remarkable plant was exhibited by Sir James Hector.

By the last English mail Sir James received a peculiar root from Sir Walter Buller, who is at present travelling abroad, and which had been picked up in a cave at Mexico. The accompanying instruction was to “place it in water.” Sir James did so, and within twenty-four hours a plant of the genus Lycopodium came to life and developed in an astonishing manner, shooting out leaves and giving every indication of a thriving existence. The plant was thrown back a little by being placed in the sun, but looked quite healthy when placed on exhibition. Sir James said that some held that it was probable that life had lain dormant in this plant for a hundred and eighty years until suddenly revivified by contact with water in the manner stated.

Mr. Kruger's signature and two Transvaal coins bearing the ex-President's head were exhibited.

They were sent from South Africa by Trooper Gillespie, a member of one of the New Zealand contingents, to his brother in Wellington.