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Volume 33, 1900
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– 555 –
2. “The Regrowth of Totara,”

Sir James Hector said the paper was an important and valuable contribution to the subject. He thought the author scarcely made sufficient allowance for difference of soil. All experience confirmed his conclusion as to the permanent injury inflicted on forest-trees by transplantation. He instanced a number of blue-gums grown by him from seed years ago. In some places two or three seeds had been planted in the same hole and came up together, in which case he removed and replanted the superfluous trees. Those left undisturbed had grown to 45 ft. or 50 ft. in height, and he could not span them with his arms; the others never throve, and were now not more than 16 ft. or 20 ft. high and 12 in. or 15 in. in diameter.

Two other papers, “The Lepidoptera of Southland,” by Mr. A. Philpott (Transactions, p. 167), and “Seals as Navigators,” by Mr. R. Henry (Transactions, p. 439), were taken as read.