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Volume 34, 1901


Art. I. Presidential Address. By James Stewart, C.E. 117
II. On the Senses of Insects. By G. V. Hudson 1831
III. Notes on the Comet of April, May, and June, 1901. By G. V. Hudson 3183
IV. The Diversions of the Whare Tapere: Some Account of the various Games, Amusements, and Trials of Skill practised by the Maori in Former Times. By Elsdon Best 8469
V. Maori Magic: Notes upon Witchcraft, Magic Rites, and various Superstitions as practised or believed in by the Old-time Maori. By Elsdon Best 6998
VI. The Beginnings of Literature in New Zealand: Part II., the English Section—Newspapers. By Dr. T. M. Hocken, F.L.S. 99114
VII. On the Recent Statistics of Insanity, Cancer, and Phthisis in New Zealand. By H. W. Segar, M.A., Professor of Mathematics, University College, Auckland 115123
VIII. On some Relics of the Moriori Race. By Arthur Dendy, D.Sc., F.L.S., Professor of Biology in the Canterbury College, University of New Zealand 123134
IX. A Philological Study in Natural History. By Taylor White 135145
X. On the New Zealand Lamprey. By Arthur Dendy, D.Sc., Professor of Biology in the Canterbury College; and Margaret F. Olliver, M.A. 147149
XI. Note on an Entire Egg of a Moa, now in the Museum of the University of Otago. By Professor W. B. Benham, D.Sc., M.A., F.Z.S., University of Otago 149151
XII. An Account of the External Anatomy of a Baby Rorqual (Balanoptera rostrata). By Professor W. B. Benham 151155
XIII. Notes on Cogia breviceps, the Lesser Sperm Whale. By Professor W. B. Benham 155168
– vi –
Art XIV. On a Small Collection of Diptera from the Southern Islands of New Zealand. By Captain F. W. Hutton, F.R.S. 169175
XV. The Beetles of the Auckland Islands. By Captain F. W. Hutton, F.R.S., with Descriptions of New Species by Captain T. Broun, F.E.S. 175179
XVI. Additions to the Diptera Fauna of New Zealand. By Captain F. W. Hutton 179196
XVII. On a New Fossil Pecten from the Chatham Islands. By Captain F. W. Hutton 196
XVIII. On the Occurrence of Alepisaurus ferox on the Coast of New Zealand. By Captain F. W. Hutton 197
XIX. On a Marine Galaxias from the Auckland Islands. By Captain F. W. Hutton 198199
XX. On Mites attacking Moths and Beetles. By W. W. Smith, F.E.S. 199201
XXI. Notes on Coleoptera. By J. H. Lewis 201204
XXII. On the Land Mollusca of Little Barrier Island. By Henry Suter 204206
XXIII. List of the Species described in F. W. Hutton's Manual of the New Zealand Mollusca, with the Corresponding Names used at the Present Time. By Henry Suter 207224
XXIV. Notice of an Electric Ray new to the Fauna of New Zealand, belonging to the Genus Astrape. By A. Hamilton 224226
XXV. Embryology of New Zealand Lepidoptera: Part II. By Ambrose Quail, F.E.S. 226238
XXVI. Notes on New Zealand Fishes. By Sir James Hector, F.R.S. 239241
XXVII. On a New Polynoid. By W. Malcolm Thomson, M.A. 241242
XXVIII. A Short Account of the Plant-covering of Chatham Island. By L. Cockayne 243325
XXIX. On a New Zealand Isotachis new to Science. By Ernest S. Salmon. Communicated by Robert Brown 325327
XXX. Revised List of New Zealand Seaweeds: Part II. By Robert M. Laing, B.Sc. 327359
XXXI. On the Occurrence of Panax arboieum as an Epiphyte on the Stems of Tree Ferns in the Mauku District. By H. Carse 359362
XXXII. On the Flora of the Mauku District. By H. Carse 362386
XXXIII. Notes on the Growth of Indigenous and other Trees in New Zealand. By H. D. M. Haszard 386387
XXXIV. Remarks on New Zealand Trees planted at Parawai, Thames, at and subsequent to the Year 1873. By J. W. Hall 388389
XXXV. Descriptions of New Native Plants, and Notes. By D. Petrie, M.A. 390396
XXXVI. The Vegetable Caterpillar (Cordiceps robertsii). By H. Hill, B.A., F.G.S. 396401
XXXVII. On the Prothallium of Phylloglossum. By A. P. W. Thomas, M.A., F.L.S., Professor of Biology, University College, Auckland 402408
– vii –
XXXVIII Notes on the Napier-Greenmeadows Road. By F. Hutchinson, jun. 409414
XXXIX. On the Volcanio Grits and Ash-beds in the Waitemata Series. By E. K. Mulgan, M.A. 414435
XL. Notes on some Andesites from Thames Goldfield. By Professor James Park, F.G.S., Director, Otago University School of Mines 435440
XLI. On the Secular Movements of the New Zealand Coast-line. By Professor James Park 440444
XLII. Notes on some Glacier Moraines in the Leith Velley, Dunedin. By Professor James Park 444447
XLIII. On the Septarian Boulders of Moeraki, Otago. By A. Hamilton 447451
XLIV. Note on an Artesian Well at Aramoho. By J. T. Stewart, C.E. 451452
XLV. The Volcanic Beds of the Waitemata Series. By C. E. Fox 452493
V.—Chemistry and Physics.
XLVI. Studies on the Chemistry of the New Zealand Flora: Part II.—The Karaka-nut. By T. H. Easterfield, Professor of Chemistry, Victoria College, and B. C. Aston, Chemist to the Agricultural Department 495497
XLVII. Raoult's Method for Molecular Weight Determination. By Professor Easterfield and James Bee, M.A. 497499
XLVIII. The Vapour Densities of the Fatty Acids. By Professor Easterfield and P. W. Robertson 499501
XLIX. The Latent Heats of Fusion of the Elements and Compounds. By P. W. Robertson, Junior Scholar in the University of New Zealand 501507
L. Some Observations on the Fourth Dimension. By the Rev. Herbert W. Williams, M.A. 507513
LI. The Equatorial Component of the Earth's Motion in Space. By Douglas Hector 513514
LII. Mathematical Treatment of the Problem of Production, Rent, Interest, and Wages. By Douglas Hector 514519
LIII. On the Phenomena of Variation and their Symbolic Expression. By E. G. Brown 519538
LIV. List of Papers on New Zealand Fishes and Fishing. By A. Hamilton 539548
New Zealand Institute.
Thirty-third Annual Report 551553
Accounts for 1900–1901 553
In Memoriam—William Skey 554558
– viii –
Wellington Philosophical Society.
Acclimatisation of Rosella Parrots in New Zealand 561562
On Caves in the Martinborough District, and Moa-bones found therein. By H. N. McLeod 562
On the Distribution of Moa Remains in New Zealand. By Sir J. Hector 562563
Remarks on a Specimen of Mesoplodon hectori. By Sir J. Hector 563
Remarks on New Zealand Fishes, and on a Collection of Drawings of Native Fish by the late F. E. Clarke. By Sir J. Hector 563564
Note on an Octopus. By Sir J. Hector 564
Notes on Coleoptera. By J. H. Lewis 565
Remarks on the Whau (Entelea arborescens). By Professor Easterfield 565566.
On the Chemistry of the Karaka-nut. By Professor Easterfield 566567
On Raoult'a Method for Molecular Weight Determination. By Professor Easterfield 567
Abstract of Annual Report 568569
Election of officers for 1902 569
The Theory of the Polar Planimeter. By C. E. Adams, B.Sc. 569
Notes on the Sydney Chain Standard. By C. E. Adams 569570
Natural History Notes from Dusky Sound. By Richard Henry 570571
Notes on the Entomology of New Zealand. By Captain J. J. Walker, R.N. 572
Auckland Institute.
Brain versus Muscle in the Production of Wealth. By F. G. Ewington 573
The Measurement of Time. By Professor F. D. Brown 573
Account of the Maori House formerly at Taheke, Lake Rotoiti. By J. Stewart, C.E. 573574
Greek Painted Vases: their Importance, Form, and Design. By Professor Talbot-Tubbs 574
Exhibition of Astronomical Photographs. By A. D. Austin, F.R.A.S. 574
Ruskin's Influence on Economic Science. By E. V. Miller 575
Across the Mountains. By Professor Thomas 575
Abstract of Annual Report 577
Account of Purchase of the Mair Maori Collection 576577
Note on the Little Barrier Reserve for Birds 577
Philosophical Institute of Canterbury.
On some Conditions of Progress. By Professor Dendy 578
On the Chatham Islands. By L. Cockayne 578
Suggestion for an Index Faunæ Novæ-Zealandiæ 578
Exhibit of Graptolites from Preservation Inlet. By Captain Hubton 579
Exhibit of a Fresh-water Shrimp (Xiphocaris compressa) from Norfolk Island. By Dr. Chilton 579
The Sense of Sight. By Professor Dendy 679
– ix –
Remarks on some Schizopod Crustaceans. By Dr. Chilton 579
Evolution in Literary Types. By Professor Wall, M.A. 579
On the Learned Societies of Europe. By Dr. Chilton 579
On a New Pelagic Hydroid. By Professor Dendy 579
Notes on the Breeding Habits of the Tuatara. By James Ashley 680
Abstract of Annual Report 580581
Election of officers for 1902 581
Otago Institute.
Report on the Proposed Fish-hatchery. By G. M. Thomson, F.L.S. 582
On a Collection of Stone Implements. By F. R. Chapman 582
The Relations of Mosquitos to Malarial Fever. By Dr. Colquhoun 582583
On Charity Organizations. By Miss K. Browning 583
Proposal for an Index Faunæ Novæ Zealandiæ 583584
The Beginnings of Literature in New Zealand. By Dr. Hooken 584
Exhibits by Professor Benham 585
Tennyson and Science. By Dr. Colquhoun 585
On Erasmus. By T. D. Pearce, M.A. 585
Exhibits by Mr. C. Brown 685
On Leaf-beds in the Kaikorai Valley. By Dr. P. Marshall 585586
Exhibit of Ethnological Specimens from the New Hebrides. By Professor Benham 586
On the Method of Feeding by the Rorqual. By R. Henry 587
Exhibit of a Boar fish 587
Note on a Specimen of Lampris lima 587
Abstract of Annual Report 587588
Note on the Proposed Fish-hatchery 588
Election of officers for 1902 588
Address on the Surroundings of the City of Dunedin. By G. M. 588
Thomson 588
Westland Institute.
Abstract of Annual Report 589
Election of officers for 1902 589
Hawke's Bay Philosophical Institute.
Some Aspects of Technical Education. By W. Dinwiddie 690
Comets, with Special Reference to the Recent Comet. By T. Tanner 590
Pond Life, or Dick's Dive in a Duck-pond. By Dr. Kennedy, M.A. 690
The Wonders of Creation as revealed by the Telescope. By T. Tanner 590
Food-adulteration. By Dr. Leahy 590
Abstract of Annual Report 591
Election of officers for 1902 591
Nelson Institute.
Abstract of Annual Report 592
Election of officers for 1902 592
– x –
Meteorology of New Zealand—
Comparative Abstract for 1901 and Previous Years 595
Average Temperature of Seasons compared with those of the Previous Year 595
Remarks on the Weather during 1901 596
Earthquakes reported during 1901 597
Records of Milne Seismograph No. 20 at Wellington, 1900–1901 598606
Records of Milne Seismograph No. 16 at Christchurch, 1901 607
New Zealand Institute, Honorary Members 608
New Zealand Institute, Ordinary Members 609616
List of Institutions and Persons to whom this Volume is presented by the Governors of the New Zealand Institute 617622
Index 623627
Corrigenda Back of title.
Contents v.–x.
List of Plates xi.
Board of Governors and officers of the New Zealand Institute xiii.
Abstracts of Rules and Statutes of the New Zealand Institute xiii.–xv.
Roll of Incorporated Societies xvi.
officers of Incorporated Societies, and Extracts from the Rules xvi.–xix.