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Volume 34, 1901
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Art. XVII.—On a New Fossil Pecten from the Chatham Islands.

[Read before the Philosophical Institute of Canterbury, 6th November, 1901.]

Plate VIII.

This fine Pecten was brought from the Chatham Islands by Professor A. Dendy, and was given to me to describe.

Pecten dendyi, sp. nov.

Shell equivalve, compressed, inequilateral, the posterior end produced. Ears rather unequal; the anterior larger, with five ribs, the posterior with two ribs. Byssal notch almost obsolete. Valves plicated, eight ridges on the left and nine on the right valve. Ridges narrower than the sinuses on the left valve, broader than the sinuses on the right valve. The whole surface, both ridges and sinuses, covered with fine radiating ribs, crossed by delicate growth-lines, which are almost obsolete on the right valve. Length, 2.6 in.; height, 2.3 in.; greatest thickness, 0.7 in.

Locality.—In a calcareous sandstone, Chatham Island.

This species differs from P. burnetti in being larger, inequilateral, more compressed, and in having more than seven folds. It is probably of Miocene age. The type is in the Canterbury Museum.