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Volume 34, 1901
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2. Auchenopterus aysoni, n. sp.

This elegant little fish is one of the blennies, a family fairly well represented in New Zealand waters, Crysticeps australis and Trypterygium nigripenne being close allies. Only one species of the genus is previously known, from the west coast of South America, but it differs in important respects from the specimen under consideration, which was presented to the Museum by Mr. Ayson, Inspector of Fisheries. Unfortunately, the spirit in which it was sent was too strong, so that the scales and many of the lateral pores were destroyed.

The following is a minute description of the fish:—

Total length, 5 in. 143
Height 30
Length of head 35
Base of 1st dorsal 12
Snout to 1st dorsal 10
– 241 –
Space of notch in dorsal 8
Continuous dorsal 80
To caudal 15
Extension of caudal rays 21
Snout to pectoral 23
" ventral 21
" vent 48
Length of pectoral 27
" ventral 20
Snout to eye 9
Diameter of eye 4

Fin Formula.—B., 4; D., 3–33; P., 8; V., 3 (but broken and indistinct); A., 10; LL., 22–3–5, interrupted.

Scales very minute.

Body compressed. Height one-quarter of length and one-sixth less than length of head.

Pair of branched tentacles from above the snout, not from the nostril.

Colour uniform light-brown, with four oval translucent spots on the dorsal fin.

Teeth minute on jaws and vorner.

Gill-opening wide.

Tail slightly unsymmetrical, and caudal distinctly separate from both dorsal and anal.

Loc. Bay of Islands; collected by Mr. Stephenson.