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Volume 34, 1901
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The vegetation of the lagoon-shore, as shown above, is not directly related to that of the sea-shore proper, but is rather an embryonic salt meadow. of course, originally, before the lagoon was cut off from the ocean, it must have been true sea-shore, though possibly its plants might even then have been affected by the lime in the soil.

I had only an opportunity of examining a portion of the western shore in one or two places, and have no notes at all regarding the eastern shore. The soil consists of sandy peat usually very wet, but varying considerably in its water-content. That portion within reach of the wash of the waves is sopping wet, and so soft that one cannot tread on it without sinking halfway to one's knees. There Crantzia lineata grows most luxuriantly, forming large green masses. Callitriche muelleri, Limosella aquatica, var. tenuifolia, Cotula,

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muelleri, Cotula coronopifolia, and Eleocharis gracillima are also abundant, and form a kind of turf on the peaty mud. Drier parts of the shore are occupied by thickets of Urtica australis, while in other places are very large patches of Samolus repens. Where the shore is drier still, and altogether out of reach of the water at any time, is a grassy flat made up of certain grasses, of which I have no specimens—Cotula muelleri, Samolus repens, Selliera radicans, Crantzia lineata, Pratia arenaria, and probably a number of other plants not specially noted.