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Volume 34, 1901
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– 332 –

Order Cryptonemiaceæ.

136. Schizymenia stipitata, J. Ag., Epicr., p. 121.

Banks Peninsula (very sparingly): Berggren.

137. Schizymenia novæ-zelandiæ, J. Ag., Epicr., p. 677 (also Anal. Algol., cont v., p 76).

Bay of Islands: Berggren.

138. Nemastoma intestinalis.- Fl. Nov.-Zel., p. 255.

Preservation Harbour: Lyall. Chatham Islands: Dr. Schauinsland.

139. Nemastoma laciniata, J. Ag., Epicr., p. 128. (Vide Note, Anal. Algol., cont. v., p. 76.)

Dunedin and Banks Peninsula (very sparingly): Berggren. I have a specimen (from Lyall Bay, I think), but I have unfortunately lost the name of the locality.

140. Pachymenia lusoria, J. Ag., Epicr., p. 145. (Iridea lusoria: Fl. Nov.-Zel., p. 252.)

Apparently abundant from Mongonui to Stewart Island. I may have occasionally mistaken some other plant for it, for its identification is often impossible without a very close examination; but it appears to be one of the commonest of our red seaweeds on exposed tidal rocks.

141. Pachymenia dichotoma, J Ag., Epicr., p. 146.

Bluff: Berggren, R. M. L.

142. Pachymenia himantophora, J. Ag., Epicr., p. 680.

Bay of Islands: Berggren. Stewart Island: R. M. L. Identification somewhat doubtful.

143. Pachymenia laciniata, J. Ag., Epicr., p. 145.

Bluff, Dunedin (sparingly): Berggren.

144. æodes nitodissima, J. Ag., Epicr., p. 630.

Bay of Islands: Berggren. Mongonui: R. M. L.

There is a specimen in the Canterbury Museum, from Tauranga.

145. Grateloupia prolifera, J. Ag., Epicr., p. 150. (? Nemastoma prolifera, Harv., in Fl. Nov.-Zel, ii., p. 255.)

Chatham Islands: Travers. Lower Green Island beach, Wyckliffe Bay, and Lyttelton: R. M. L.

– 333 –

146. Grateloupia (Aræotes) stipitata, J. Ag., Epier., p. 151. (? Nemastoma attenuata, Harv., Fl. Nov.-Zel., p. 255.)

Dunedin: Berggren. Lower Green Island beach and Lyall Bay: R. M. L.

147. Grateloupia (Gloiogema) pinnata, J. Ag., Epicr., p. 151. (Nemastoma pinnata, Harv., Fl. Nov.-Zel., ii., p. 255.)

Akaroa, Tauranga, Port Underwood, Blind Bay(?), Port Nicholson: Lyall and Davies. Tauranga and Lyall Bay: Berggren. Gore Bay, Wellington Harbour, Lyttelton: R. M. L.

148. Grateloupia filicina, J. Ag., Epicr., p. 153.

Chatham Islands: Dr. Schauinsland.

149. Cryptonemia latissima, J. Ag., Epicr., p. 682.

Bay of Islands: Berggren.