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Volume 34, 1901


Art. LIV.—List of Papers on New Zealand Fishes and Fishing.

[Laid before the Otago Institute, 12th November, 1901.]

[Note.—In the following list “Trans.” means the “Transactions of the New Zealand Institute.”]

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Author. Title. Name of Publication.
Arthur, W. On the Brown Trout introduced into Otago Trans. xi. 271.
Notes on some Specimens of Migratory Salmonidæ "xiii. 175.
On the History of Fish-culture in New Zealand " xiv. 180.
On Diseased Trout in Lake Wakatipu " xv. 198.
Notes on the New Zealand Spart " xv. 203.
Notes on the Picton Herring " xv. 208.
On the Brown Trout introduced into Otago Trans.xvi. 467; also N.Z. Jrnl. Sci.iii. 36.
Notes on New Zealand Fishes Trans. xvii. 160.
Notes on the New Zealand Frost-fish N.Z. Jrnl. Sci.iii. 157.
Beattie, J. M. On the Anatomy of the Red-cod (Lotella bacchus) Trans. xxiii. 71.
Benham, W. B. On the New Zealand Lancelet (Heteropleuron) " xxxiii. 120.
Bleeker, Pieter Over eenige Visschen van Van Diemensland Amsterdam, 1855.
Campbell, W. D. On a New Fish (Discus, gen. nov.) Trans. xi. 297.
Canavan, E. O'H. On Eels " xxv. 191.
Chapman, F. R. Handbook of Laws relating to Acclimatisation, Fish, Fisheries, and the Protection of Animals and Birds Dunedin, 1892.
Cheeseman, T. F. Notes on the sword-fish Trans. viii.219.
Clarke, F.E. On Two New Fishes " x. 243.
On some New Fishes " xi. 291.
On a New Fish found at Hokitika " xi.295.
Description of a New Species of Trachypterus " xiii. 195.
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Clarke, F. E. On Two New Globe-fish Trans. xxix 243.
On the Occurrence of a Species of Lophotes " xxix. 251.
On the Occurrence of Regalecus argenteus " xxx. 254.
On the New Zealand species of Galaxias, more especially those of the Western Slopes " xxxi. 78.
On Exocœtus ilma, a New Species of Flying fish " xxxi. 92.
Notes on Parore (the Mangrove Fish) " xxxi. 96.
Colenso, W. Notes on the Genus Callorhynchus, with a Description of an Undescribed New Zealand Species " xi. 298.
Drew, S. H. Notes on Regalecus sp. " xxx. 253.
On a Sun-fish (Orthagoriscus mola) " xxix. 286.
Duigan, James Is Access to the Sea a Necessity to Eels? " viii. 221.
Douglas-Ogilby, J. Description of a New Pelagic Fish (Centrolophus) from New Zealand Rec. Aust. Mus. ii. 62.
Ferguson, Alex. On the Causes of the Disappear ance of Young Trout from our Streams Trans. xxi. 235.
Forbes, H. O. On a New Genus of Fishes of the Family Percidœ from New Zealand (Plagiogeneion [ unclear: ] ubiginosus, Hutton) " xxii. 273.
On a Species of Regalecus " xxiv. 192.
On the Great Oar-fish N.Z. Jrnl. Sci. n.s. i. 154
Forster, [ unclear: ] Johann Reinhold In Bloch's “Systema Ichthyologiæ” Berlin, 1801.
Descrip. Animalium quæ in itmere ad maris Australis terras observavit. Cur. Lichtenstein Berlin, 1884.
Gill, Theodore A Comparison of Antipodal Faunas Nat. Acad. of Sci. vi.; and Mem. Acad. Washington, vi. 91.
On the Genera Labrichthys and Pseudolabrus Proc. U.S. Nat. Mus. xiv. No. 861.
Gillies, T. B. On the Introduction of Trout to New Zealand Trans. v. 456.
Gunther, A. Notes on Prototroctes, a Fish from the Fresh Waters of the Australian Region Proc. Zool. Soc. Lond. 1870.
Remarks on New Zealand Fishes Trans. ix. 469.
" Ann and Mag. Nat. Hist. (3rd ser) vii. 85.
" Ann. and Mag. Nat. Hist. (4th ser.) xvii. 389.
In “British Museum Catalogue of Fishes” 1859–90 and 2nd ed. 1899.
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Gunther, A. Report on the Shore Fishes procured, Voyage H.M.S. “Challenger” Chall. Rep. i. 27.
Report on the Deep sea Fishes procured, Voyage H.M.S. “Challenger” " xxii.
Gray and Richardson In “Dieffenbach's New Zealand” ii. 206.
George, Seymour T. Notice of the Capture of a Large Stingaree (Trygon thala [ unclear: ] sia) Trans. xiii. 426.
Garman, S. Myxine australis, Jen. (redescribed and figured) Mem. Mus. Harvard, xxiv. 345.
Haast, Sir J. von Notes on some Undescribed Fishes of New Zealand Trans. v. 272
On Cheimarrichthys forsteri " vi. 103.
On the Occurrence of Lamna cornubica in New Zealand " vii. 237.
On the Occurrence of Leptocephalus longin ostris, Kaup., on the Coast of New Zealand " vii. 238.
Notes on Regalecus pacificus " ix. 646, x. 246.
Hamilton, A. Notes on a Large Sun - fish (Orthagoriscus mola) recently captured at Napier " xviii. 135.
Rare Fishes (Torpedo) N.Z. Jrnl. Sci. i. 465.
Notes on some Napier Fishes " iii. 127.
Hanson, A. Notice of a G [ unclear: ] ant Sun - fish (Orthagoriscus mola) cast ashore at Cape Campbell Trans. xx. 447.
Heath, Neil On the Effect of Cold on Fishes " xvi. 275.
Hector, Sir James On the Mud-fish (Neochanna apoda), from Hokitika " ii. 402
On a Species of Ophisurus, from the Coast of New Zealand " ii. 34.
On a New Species of Fish, Co [ unclear: ] yphœnoides novœ-zealandiœ " iii. 136
On the Salmonidœ of New Zealand " iii. 133.
Notes on the Edible Fishes of New Zealand (in the Catalogue of the Fishes of New Zealand, by Captain Hutton) 1872.
Introduction of English Trout into Wellington, and Mention of New Fishes Trans. iv. 379.
Notice of Motella novœ-zealandiœ " vi. 107.
Notes on New Zealand Ichthyology " vii. 239.
Regalecus gladius, and other Additions to the Colonial Museum " x. 533.
Descriptions of Five New Species of Fishes obtained in the New Zealand Seas by H.M.S. “Challenger” Expedition Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. (4th ser.) xv. 78.
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Hector, Sir James Notes on New Zealand Ichthyology Trans. ix. 465.
Notes on New Zealand Ichthyology Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. (3rd ser.) xix. 339.
Notice of a New Fish Trans. xiii. 194 and 436.
Notice of a New Fish " xiii. 195.
On the Occurrence of Salmontrout in Nelson Harbour " xiv. 211.
Reported Capture of a Californian Salmon at Riverton " xiv. 545.
Notes on New Zealand Ichthyology " xvi. 322.
On a Small-sized Specimen of the Hapuka, Hectoria, (Oligorus) gigas, Castelnau, caught in Wellington Harbour " xx. 446.
On Acclimatised Salmon and Trout " xxv. 539.
On a New Species of Luminous Fish (Polyipnus kirkii) " xxviii. 743.
Mullet Protection App. Jour. H. of R. Sess. II. 1897. H.–17.
Further Papers relative to the Fisheries of the Colony App. Jour. H. of R. 1869. D.—15
Remarks on a Supposed Specimen of Salmo salar Trans. xxxiii. 562.
Henry, Richard On Dusky Sound (fishes, &c.) " xxviii. 50.
Notes on Fish App. Jour. H. of R. Sess. II. 1897. C.-1, 128.
Homhron and Jacquinot Voyage au Póle Sud par Dumont D'Urville (Poissons) 1853–54.
Hutton, F. W. On the Occurrence of the Sprat and Anchovy at the Thames Trans. v. 449.
Fishes of New Zealand: Catalogue, with Diagnoses of the Species, with Notes on the Edible Fishes by James Hector 1872.
Contributions to the Ichthyology of New Zealand (Supplement to the “Fishes of New Zealand”) Trans. v. 259.
Notes on some New Zealand Fishes Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. (4th ser.) xii. 400.
The Geographical Relations of the New Zealand Fauna Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. (4th ser.) xiii. 95
Note on a Sea Trout caught in Otago Harbour Trans. vi. 447.
Contributions to the Ichthyology of New Zealand " vi. 104.
Description of a New Species of New Zealand Fish Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. (4th ser.) xvi. 313.
Contributions to the Ichthyology of New Zealand Fishes Trans. viii. 209.
Contributions to the Ichthyology of New Zealand " ix. 353.
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Hubton, F. W. Notes on a Collection from the Auckland Island and Campbell Islands (fishes) Trans. xi. 339.
Description of a New Fish (Labrichthys roseipunctata) " xii. 455.
List of the New Zealand Fishes " xxii. 275.
Notes on some New Zealand Fishes, with Description of a New Species; and a Synopsis of the New Zealand Species of Galaxias " xxviii. 314.
Jenyns Voyage of the “Beagle” (Zoology) 1842.
Jouan Essai sur la Faune de la N.Z. Mem. de la Soc. des Sci. Nat. de Cherbourg, xiv. 295.
Kingsley, R. I. On a Specimen of the Great Ribbon-fish (Regalecus argenteus) taken in Nelson Harbour Trans. xxii. 333.
Kirk, T. W. Additions to the List of New Zealand Fishes " xii. 308.
Kner Raise der Oesterreichischen Fregatte “Novara” (Fische) 1869.
Kuox, F. J. On the New Zealand Sword-fish Trans. ii. 13.
Anatomical Observations on Ophisurus sp. " ii. 34.
Note on Ctenolabrus knoxi " v. 308.
On Coridodax pullus " iii. 130.
On the Anatomy of the Kanae (Mugil sp.) " iv. 189.
Observations on an Albino Eel " iv. 378.
Lesson Voyage de “la Coquille” 1826, 1830.
Lendenfeld, R. von On Lepidopus caudatus (New Zealand Frost-fish) N.Z. Jrnl. Sci. in. 108.
Mair, Captain. Notes on Fishes in the Upper Wanganui River Trans. xii. 315.
McCoy In Trans. Royal Soc. Vist. 1864.
In Ann. and Mag. Nat. Hist. 1865.
Parker, T. Jeffery On the Venous System of the Skate (Raja nasuta) Trans. xiii. 413.
On a New Method of preserving Cartilaginous Skeletons " xiv. 258.
On the Gravid Uterus of Mustelus antarcticus " xv. 219.
Notes on the Anatomy and Embryology of Scymnus lichia " xv. 234.
On the Connection of the Airbladder and the Auditory Organ in the Red-cod (Lotella bacchus) " xv. 234.
On the Occurrence of the Spinous Shark (Echinorhinus spinosus) in New Zealand Waters " xvi. 280.
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Parker, T. Jeffrey On a Torpedo (T. fusca?), n. sp., recently caught near Dunecin Trans. xvi. 281.
On a Specimen of the Great Ribbon-fish (Regalecus argenteus), n. sp., recently obtained at Moeraki, Otago " xvi. 284.
Skeleton of porbeagle shark preserved by glycerine method exhibited " xvi. 565.
On a Specimen of Regalecus recently stranded in Otago Harbour " xx. 20.
Note on the Fœtal Membranes of Mustelus antai cticus, with an Analysis of the Pseudamniotic Fluid by Professor Liversidge " xxii. 331.
Preliminary Note on the Vesicu'œ seminales and the Spermatophores of Callorhynchus antarcticus Proc. Aust. Ass. Adv. Sci. (Hobart), 1892.
On the Occurrence of Lophotes in New Zealand Waters Trans. xxvi. 228.
Note on a Specimen of Orthagoriscus mola " xxix. 627.
Remarks on Regalecus argenteus " xxx. 574
On Haplodactylus meandiatus and Lepidothynnus huttoni " xxx. 575
Abstract of a Memoir on Regalecus argenteus Proc. Zool. Soc. 207, 1884.
Notes on Cai charodon rondeletii " 27, 1887.
Studies in New Zealand Ichthyologv: I., On the Skeleton of Regalecus argenteus Trans. Zool. Soc. Lond. xii. 5.
Powell, L. On Four Fishes commonly found in the River Avon; with a Consideration of the Question, What is Whitebait? Trans, ii. 84, 417.
Notes on the Anatomy of Regalecus pacificus " xi. 269.
Quoy and Gaimard Voyage of the “Astrolabe” 1834.
Roberts, W. C. On the Mud-fish (Neochanna apoda), being Extracts from Letters written by G. G. Fitz-Gerald and S. E. Vollams Trans. v. 456.
Robson, C. H. Notes on the Habits of the Frost-fish (Lepidrpus) Trans. viii. 218; also N.Z. Jrnl. Sci. n. 289.
Habits of the Torpedo Ray N.Z. Jrnl. Sci. iii. 27, 123.
Rutland, Joshua On the Habits of the New Zealand Grayling Trans. x. 250.
Richardson, John, and Gray, J. E. List of Fish hitherto detected on the Coast of New Zealand, with a Description of the New Species brought Home by Dr. Dieffenbach Dieffenbach: Travels in New Zealand, ii. 206.
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Richardson, John Report on the Present State of the Ichthyology of New Zealand Rep. Brit. Ass. Adv. Sci. 1843, p. 12.
Description of Australian Fishes, Parts I. and II. Trans. Zool. Soc. iii. 69, 133.
Description of Fishes Voyage “Erebus” and “Terror,” Zool. pt. ii. 1845–48.
" Voyage of the “Samarang” (Zool.) 1848.
Sandager, F. S. List of Fishes found round the Mokohinau Islands, their Spawning - time, and Observations regarding some of the Species Trans. xx. 127.
Note on some Sea-trout " xxv. 254.
Scott, J. H. Cancer in Fish " xxiv. 201.
Stenhouse, Andrew On the Anatomy of the Pig-fish (Agriopus leucopœcilus) " xxvi. 111.
Sherrin, R. A. A. Handbook of the Fishes of New Zealand Auckland, 1886.
Spackman, H. Trout in New Zealand, and when to catch them Government publication.
Thomson, G. M. The Dunedin Fish-supply Trans. x. 324.
Our Fish-supply " xi. 880.
Parliamentary Paper, p. 21, H.-17, Sess. II., 1897.
Our New Zealand Fisheries, and the Desirability of introducing New Species of Fish " xxviii. 758.
The Proposed Biological Station and Fish-hatchery near Dunedin (Letter to Captain F. W. Hutton) Aust. Ass. Adv. of Sci. 1898.
Notes on the Occurrence, Habits, Weights, &c., of various Marine Fishes in New Zealand Trans. xxiv. 202.
Travers, W. T. L. On the Absence of the Eel from the Upper Waters of the Waiau-ua and its Tributaries " iii. 120.
Notice of a Parrot-fish (Odax vittatus) " v. 439.
On New Zealand Fishes Nelson Examiner, 26/10/1860.
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Webb, J. S. On a Fish of the Genus Bovichthys Trans, v. 480.
Williams, W. L. On a Sun-fish captured at Poverty Bay " xxv. 110.
– 546 –

See also a bibliography of papers relating to “Die Fische Neu-Hollande, der Sud See, &c.,” in “Die v. Muller'sche Sammlung Australischer Fische in Stuttgart,” von Dr. C. B. Klunzinger, in lxxx. bande der Sitzb. der K. Akad. derWissensch. i. Abth., nov. heft., 1879; a bibliography in the “Catalogue of New Zealand Fishes,” by Captain F. W. Hutton, 1872; reports of the Acclimatisation Societies of Auckland, Canterbury, Hawke's Bay, Nelson, &c.; Parliamentary papers relative to the Fisheries of the colony, 1868 and 1869; and paper relative to the introduction of salmon into the colony (App. to Journ. H. of R., D-2, 1869), which contains a few observations of the temperature of sea and rivers.

Parliamentary Papers relating to Fish and Fisheries.

Acclimatisation Societies, Suggestions by a Conference of, at Dunedin. L.C. No. 2, 1883.

Bonuses paid for Fish exported. H.-45A, 1890.

Fish-breeding Establishment, Maintenance of a. H.-30, 1880.

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Stewart Island Fisheries. D.-1, 1872, p. 25.

Temperature of Rivers and Sea in and about New Zealand. D.-2, 1869, p. 23.

– 547 –

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Kaikoura Fisheries. D.-9, 1870, p. 5.

Fish and Oysters exported, April, 1891, to March, 1895. H.-21, 1895.

Flounders: Limit of Size to be taken. H.-10, Sess. II., 1891; H.-6, 1893.

Seal Fisheries, Report on. A.-1, 1893, p. 2.

Seals and Seal Rookeries in Auckland and other Islands. H.-25, 1894.

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Paper by G. M. Thomson. H.-17, Sess. II., 1897, p. 21.

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Public General Acts affecting Fish and Fisheries.

Regulating fisheries, and for encouraging the establishment thereof. 1877, No. 45 ((a)); 1884, No. 48 ((b)).

For the conservation of fisheries. 1884, No. 48; 1887, No. 27. Gazette, 1885, pp. 380, 720; 1886, p. 529.

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Oysters: Providing for the protection of oyster-fisheries, and a duty on the export of oysters. 1894, No. 56, ss. 7–10.

Prohibiting the use of dynamite or other explosives for the purpose of catching or destroying fish in public fisheries. 1878, No. 42, s. 3; 1884, No. 48; 1894, No. 56, s. 49.

[Footnote] (a) Repealed as to sea-fisheries.

[Footnote] (a) Repealed as to sea-fisheries.

– 548 –

Salmon and Trout: Making provision for the preservation and propagation thereof in the colony. 1867, No. 34; 1884, No. 47.

Fresh fish may be sold by auction, without license, at any hour and in any manner customary in the trade. 1886, No. 10; 1891, No. 24, s. 30.

Fish-stealing. 1867, No. 3, ss. 24–26.

Fish-poisoning. 1867, No. 6, sec. 32.