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Volume 34, 1901
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Parliamentary Papers relating to Fish and Fisheries.

Acclimatisation Societies, Suggestions by a Conference of, at Dunedin. L.C. No. 2, 1883.

Bonuses paid for Fish exported. H.-45A, 1890.

Fish-breeding Establishment, Maintenance of a. H.-30, 1880.

Fish-culture, Report of Colonial Industries Commission on. H.-22, 1880, p. 86.

Oyster-cultivation, Report by W. H Pearson on. H.-13, 1877.

Oyster-fisheries Act, Bringing into Force the. H.-31, 1875.

Reports of Commissions on Fisheries. D.-15, 1869; D.-9, 1870.

Report of Industries Commission. H.-2, 1880.

Reports on Fisheries. D.-15, 1869; H.-15, 1885.

Salmon and Trout Fry, Distribution of, by Southland Acclimatisation Society. H.-7, 1876.

Salmon and Trout in Southland. L.C. No. 2, 1875.

Salmon, Trout, Herring, and other Fish, Introduction of. H.-7 and H.-7A, 1886; H.-3, Sess. II., 1887.

Salmon-trout, Introduction of. I.-4, 1873, p. 28.

Salmon, Introduction of. D.-2, 1869; G.-26 and G.-26A, 1872; H.-12, 1873; H.-8 and H.-8A, 1874; H.-14, 1877, H.-11 and H.-11A, 1878; H.-14A, Sess. II., 1879; H.-17, 1885; H.-7 and H.-7A, 1886; H.-3, Sess. II., 1887; H.-4, 1889.

Salmon, Whitefish, and Catfish, Report of Californian Commission on. H.-11, 1878, p. 14.

Scottish Fisheries Improvement Association, Extract from Report of the. L.C. No. 16, 1885.

Stewart Island Fisheries. D.-1, 1872, p. 25.

Temperature of Rivers and Sea in and about New Zealand. D.-2, 1869, p. 23.

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Whitefish, Introduction of. H.-11, 1878; H.-14 and H.-14A, Sess. II., 1879; H.-31, 1880; H.-3, Sess. II., 1887.

Kaikoura Fisheries. D.-9, 1870, p. 5.

Fish and Oysters exported, April, 1891, to March, 1895. H.-21, 1895.

Flounders: Limit of Size to be taken. H.-10, Sess. II., 1891; H.-6, 1893.

Seal Fisheries, Report on. A.-1, 1893, p. 2.

Seals and Seal Rookeries in Auckland and other Islands. H.-25, 1894.

Sea-fisheries Act, Inspectors appointed and Craft registered under. H.-13, 1895.

Marine Department, Reports of. H.-30, Sess. II., 1891; H.-29, 1892; H.-31, 1893; H.-18, 1894; H.-29, 1895; H.-15, 1896.

Wairarapa Lakes and Adjacent Lands, Report by A. Mackay on Maori Claims to. G.-4, Sess. II., 1891.

Acclimatisation and Fisheries, Report on, by L. F. Ayson. H.-27, 1899.

Fisheries: Dunbar Marine Hatchery, Report on. H.-27, 1899.

Mullet, Protection of. H.-17, Sess. II., 1897.

Notes on Fish, by R. Henry. C.-1, Sess. II., 1897, p. 128.

Paper by G. M. Thomson. H.-17, Sess. II., 1897, p. 21.

“Fisheries Conservation Act, 1884,” Regulations under. Order in Council, 7th March, 1885, and 2nd June, 1885.