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Volume 34, 1901
– 575 –

Eighth Meeting: 7th October, 1901.
Mr. James Stewart, C.E., President, in the chair.

New Members.—A. S. Bankart, S. Gray.

Papers.—1. “On Maori Games,” by Elsdon Best. (Transactions, p. 34.)

2. “On Maori Magic,” by Elsdon Best. (Transactions, p. 69.)

3. “On the Growth of Indigenous Trees,” by H. D. M. Haszard. (Transactions, p. 386.)

4. “Remarks on Indigenous Trees planted at Parawai, Thames, in 1873 and subsequently,” by J. W. Hall. (Transactions, p. 388.)

5. “On the Occurrence of Panax arboreum as an Epiphyte on the Stems of Tree Ferns in the Mauku District,” by H. Carse. (Transactions, p. 359.)

6. “On the Mollusca of Little Barrier Island,” by H. Suter. (Transactions, p. 204.)

7. “List of the Species described in F. W. Hutton's Manual of the New Zealand Mollusca, with the Corresponding Names used at the Present Time,” by H. Suter. (Transactions, p. 207.)