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Volume 34, 1901
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The Institute still retains the management of Little Barrier Island as a reserve for the preservation of the avifauna of New Zealand. The curator, Mr. Shakespear, has resided on the island during the year, and reports that no unauthorised persons have landed thereon, and that no attempt has been made to interfere with the birds. So far as can be ascertained, the birds show no signs of decreasing in numbers; in fact, the curator is of opinion that several species have shown a decided increase during the last two or three years. There can be little doubt that if a resident guardian is maintained on the island it will for many years remain a secure home for a large part of the avifauna of New Zealand.

Election of officers for 1902.—President—E. Roberto, M.D.; Vice-presidents—J. Stewart, M.I.C.E., and Professor H. W. Segar; Council—Professor F. D. Brown, C. Cooper, H. Haines, F.R.C.S., E. V. Miller, T. Peacock, D. Petrie, J. A. Pond, H. Swale, M.D., Professor H. A. Talbot-Tubbs, Professor A. P. W. Thomas, F.L.S., and J. H. Upton; Secretary and Curator—T. F. Cheeseman, F.L.S., F.Z.S.

Paper.—“On the Volcanic Belts of the Auckland Isthmus,” by C. E. Fox. (Transactions, p. 452.)