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Volume 34, 1901
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– 588 –

The fish-hatchery has received a good deal of attention since the last annual meeting. During the recess a deputation of your Council waited on the Minister of Marine, who was passing through Dunedin, in order to urge upon him the importance of proceeding with the matter at the earliest opportunity, and the desirability of appointing a board of management at once. The Minister stated that he considered the matter as practically settled, and your Council indulged in the hope that they might see the building commenced ere the year was out. The lease of the necessary land was drawn up, plans and estimates of the buildings were made, and the Inspector of Fisheries, together with representatives of the Acclimatisation Society and of your Council, visited the proposed site, marked out the position of the tanks, laboratory, house, &c., the Government surveyor received instructions to make a detailed survey and plans, and all looked most promising. But since that date nothing further has been heard of the matter, nor has any board of management been appointed, without which it will be impossible to proceed.

The Philosophical Institute of Canterbury, conjointly with this and other institutes, is engaged in compiling an “Index Faunæ-Novæ-Zealandiæ,” of which they hope to persuade the Governors of the New Zealand Institute to undertake the cost of publication.

Your Council desire to express their sympathy with Mr. Hamilton and with the publishers of “Maori Art” on the unfortunate accident that has delayed the issue of the final part. Not only were nearly all the copies of Part V. when just completed and ready for issue destroyed by fire, but the blocks used for the illustrations of that part and the embossing of the binding-covers suffered the same fate. It is satisfactory to learn that the loss was covered by insurance, and that the reproduction has now been prepared and will be shortly issued.

The balance-sheet showed the receipts from all sources during the year to be £535 18s. (including £400 on deposit and a balance of £16 Os. 6d. brought forward from last year) The balance on the year's expenditure amounted to £29 11s.