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Volume 34, 1901

Westland Institute.

Annual Meeting: 11th December, 1901.
Mr. Mahan, President, in the chair.

Abstract of Report.

The report disclosed a very encouraging interest in the Institute during the past year, and it urged members to still further exertions to enlarge the Institute's sphere of usefulness. The membership roll is now fifty-four, and the library had been made much use of by subscribers. During the year over a hundred new works had been added, and a new catalogue was in the hands of the printers, which would shortly be available. The reading-room was well supplied with high-class current periodicals and papers.

The balance-sheet showed a very satisfactory financial position, there being a credit balance of £24.

The trustees desired to thank the Government for their subsidy, the Borough Council for their liberal support, also the Harbour Board for a handsome donation. They also thanked local and other newspapers for free copies.

The Museum had been put on a new basis, and had already been much improved by Dr. Macandrew, who had recently accepted the position of honorary curator.

Election of Officers for 1902.—President—Dr. Teichelmann; Vice-president—J. B. Lewis; Hon. Treasurer—R. McNaughton; Trustees—Messrs. Beare, Clarke, Heinz, Michel, Hickson, Morton, Park, Perry, Macfarlane, Mahan, Dawes, and Dr. Macandrew.