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Volume 34, 1901

Hawke's Bay Philosophical Institute.

First Meeting: 13th May, 1901.

The President (Mr. W. Dinwiddie) delivered the inaugural address, the subject being “Some Aspects of Technical Education.”

Second Meeting: 10th June, 1901.

Papers.—1. “The Natural History of the Napier-Greenmeadows Road,” by F. Hutchinson, jun. (Transactions, p. 409.)

2. “Comets, with Special Reference to the Recent Comet,” by T. Tanner.

Third Meeting: 8th July, 1901.

Lecture.—“Pond Life, or Dick's Dive in a Duck-pond,” by Dr. Kennedy, M.A.; illustrated by a large number of photo-micrographs.

Fourth Meeting: 18th August, 1901.

Lecture.”—The Wonders of Creation as revealed by the Telescope,” by T. Tanner; illustrated by numerous lantern-slides.

Fifth Meeting: 9th September, 1901.

Lecture.—“Some Observations on the Fourth Dimension,” by the Rev. H. W. Williams; illustrated by a number of diagrams. (Transactions, p. 507.)

Sixth Meeting: 21st September, 1901.

Papers.—1. “Food-adulteration,” by Dr. Leahy.

2. “The Vegetable Caterpillar,” by H. Hill, B.A., F.G.S. (Transactions, p. 396.)

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3. “A Philological Study in Natural History,” by Taylor White. (Transactions, p. 135.)

Annual Meeting: 7th February, 1902.

Abstract of Annual Report.

During the past year seven meetings of the Institute were held, including the annual business meeting. At the six ordinary meetings seven papers were read and two popular lectures delivered, the attendance of members and the general public being particularly good at the lectures. The Council held seven meetings, at which a considerable amount of general business was transacted.

Early in the session the Borough Council wrote asking upon what terms the Institute would convey the library to the Corporation for use as a reference library. Your Council intimated their willingness to deposit the Institute's books and Museum collections with the Corporation, the books to form part of a reference library, under certain conditions safeguarding members' rights. Nothing further, however, has been done in the matter.

The Institute is again greatly indebted to Misses Spencer and A. Large for a handsome donation—£10—to be spent in the purchase of books for the library. Some of the books have arrived, and, including these, eighteen volumes have been added to the library. It was also decided to subscribe to the Popular Science Monthly for a year. A number of parts are to hand, and are available for the use of members.

Mr. C. E. Fox was appointed curator of the Museum, and, with the help of several members of the High School Field Club, was able to overhaul and rearrange a number of the deposits. The Council regret that, owing to Mr. Fox's departure from Napier, his services will not be available for the completion of the work.

Six new members were elected during the year, and there were three resignations, leaving the membership at sixty-four.

The balance-sheet showed the total receipts for the year (inclusive of a balance of £24 11s. 4d. from the preceding year) to have been £88 2s. 4d., while the expenditure was £51 9s. 1d., leaving in hand £36 13s. 3d. of the Colenso Bequest a balance of £82 12s. remained in hand.

Election of officers for 1902.—President—J. P. D. Leahy, M.B., M.S., B.A., D.P.H.; Vice-president—T. C. Moore, M.D.; Council—W. Dinwiddie, T. Hall, H. Hill, B.A., F.G.S., F. Hutchinson, jun., J. S. Large, T. Tanner; Hon. Secretary—James Hislop, District School; Hon. Treasurer—J. W. Craig; Hon. Auditor—G. White.

Nelson Institute.
Abstract of Annual Report.

The receipts for the year ended 31st December, 1901, from all sources (including balance, £65 11s. 4d., brought forward) amounted to £292 11s, 11d., an increase of £56 4s. over the receipts for the previous year. The expenditure amounted to £273 4s. 11d., leaving a credit balance of £19 7s.

The free reading-room, which was opened for the use of the public shortly before our last annual meeting, has undoubtedly met a want much felt by the reading public, and it is evident from the large number of readers frequenting the room that the action of the committee in this direction is fully appreciated.

The sum of £39 8s. 10d. has been spent on books, about a hundred and eighty volumes having been purchased during the year.

The administration of the Institute-endowments is in a satisfactory condition.

During the past year the amalgamation of the Philosophical Society with the Institute has taken place, and this Society has taken over the charge of the Museum, and the Nelson Philosophical Library is now merged in the library of the Nelson Institute.

After the amalgamation of the societies had been effected this Society applied to the New Zealand Institute for affiliation, and the request has been granted. A scientific branch of the Institute has been formed, with an additional subscription of 5s. per annum, which will confer the privilege of receiving the “Transactions of the New Zealand Institute.” Many members have availed themselves of this arrangement.

The committee desire to record their thanks to those members who have presented newspapers and periodicals, and to those who have generously presented books, and again express their appreciation of the efficient and zealous manner in which the duties of librarian have been performed by Miss Reeves.

Election of officers for 1902.—President—H. W. Robinson; Vice-president—D. Grant; Hon. Secretary and Treasurer—A. J. Redgrave; Acting-Curator of Museum—W. F. Morley; Librarian—B. Reeves.