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Volume 34, 1901
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Remarks On The Weather, 1901.

January.—Fine weather with light rain in the extreme North; warm N.E. breezes with good rains over the centre and South.

February.—Showery in the centre throughout the month; fine in North and South. W. and S.W. winds prevailed in the South Island.

March.—S. and S.W. winds were general all over the colony, with fine weather in the South Island.

April.—Heavy gales from N.W.; thunder on 18th over the South Island; prevailing S.W. winds in South.

May.—Gales from the S.W. in the North, with light rain showers; good rains in south of North Island, with prevailing N.W. wind. N.W. gales with heavy rain on West Coast; in the South S.W. gales.

June.—In the North N.E. and S. winds prevailed; heavy rains in south of North Island and West Coast; light rains on East Coast; thunder and gales in South Island.

July.—In the early part of the month cold S.W. winds were general all over the colony; heavy snow fell in the South. The end of the month was fine in the North, while there were heavy rains in the South.

August.—S.W. wind in the North was again strong early in the month; the rainfall was under the average over the centre; on West Coast E. and S.W. winds with heavy rains.

September.—In the North N.E. and S.W. winds; fine weather and good rains in south of North Island; S.W. winds all over South Island; heavy rain on West Coast.

October.—Weather fine in the South, with small rainfall; prevailing wind from west. Heavy N.W. and S.W. gales with heavy rains over West Coast; in the North fine weather, with prevailing N.W. wind.

November.—S.W. winds with moderate rainfall all over. North Island; heavy gales from S.W. all over South Island; heavy rains West Coast.

December.—Local N. and N.E. winds in extreme South, but over rest of the colony S.W. wind prevailed; moderate rainfall everywhere except West Coast.