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Volume 35, 1902
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In Memoriam.

William Thomas Locke Travers, F.L.S. (1819–1903), was born at Castleview, near Newcastle, in County Limerick, on the 9th January, 1819, and was educated at St. Servan College in France: When seventeen years old he joined the Spanish Legion during the Carlist war, and served with distinction in the 2nd Regiment of Lancers till 1839. During part of the time he was aide-de-camp to the general of his division, and for his services was decorated with the Grand Cross of the Order of Cambodia. In 1844 he was called to the bar in London, and in 1849 emigrated to Nelson, and became District Court Judge there. Having resigned that office, he was, in 1854, elected member of the House of Representatives for Nelson in the first Parliament of New Zealand, and for a time held office as Attorney-General. In 1856 he was elected to represent Waimea. In 1860 he moved to Christchurch, where he practised his profession, and was elected M.H.R. for that city. He was also a member of the Canterbury Provincial Council and of the Provincial Executive. In 1869 he settled in Wellington, and represented that city in Parliament for several years. He was one of the chief promoters of the New Zealand Institute in 1867, was a member of the Board of Governors from that time, and for many years was honorary treasurer. The formation of the Colonial Botanic Garden at Wellington was largely due to his skill and enthusiasm; and he took a leading part in the promotion of acclimatisation societies, and of many other useful institutions. He was a member of the Council of the Wellington Philosophical Society for thirty-two years, was five times elected president, and was the retiring president when he met with the accident which caused his death on the 26th April, 1903.

List of the principal papers communicated to the Wellington Philosophical Society by W. T. L. Travers:—

Address, Wellington, IV., 356; X., 519, 539; XXIX., 111.

Birds, Habits of, IV., 206.

Botany, Comparisons in, between Canterbury, Nelson, and Marlborough, I., Pt. 3, 17; 2nd ed., 174.

Cassinia leptophylla, VI., 248.

Cause of the Warmer Climate which existed in High Northern Latitudes during Former Geological Periods, X., 459, 470.

Civilisation, Effects of, on New Country, II., 299; III., 326.

Chatham Islands, IV., 63.

Chatham Islands, Avifauna and Flora, V., 212.

Distribution of the Organic Productions of New Zealand, XVI., 461.

Distribution, within the New Zealand Zoological Sub-region, of the Birds of the Orders Accipitres, Passeres, Scansores, Columbæ, Gallinæ, Struthiones, and Grallæ, XV., 178.

Earthquakes and Volcanoes, Notes in reference to the Primary Causes of the Phenomena of, XIX., 331

– xix –

Eels, III., 120.

Flesh Fly, III., 116.

Food-plants used by Civilised Man as compared with those used in Pre-historic Times, Notes on the Difference in, XVIII., 30.

Glaciers, Extinct, VI., 297.

Glaciation, Pleistocene, VII., 409.

Great Flood of February, 1868, XIV., 76.

Hybridization, I., 89; 2nd ed., 31.

Insectivorous Birds as the Friends of the Agriculturist: Presidential Address in 1902, XXXV., 1

Lake Districts of the Province of Auckland, IX., 1.

Maori Traditions, IV., 51.

“Marshlights,” Supplement to Mr. R. C. Harding's Paper on, XXX., 92. Microbes, Remarks on Pathogenic, and the Means of preventing Diseases originating in their Introduction into the System, XXII., 55.

Moa, Extinction of the, VIII., 58.

Moriori Canoes, IV., 354.

Moriori Traditions, Manners, and Customs, IX., 15.

Mr. J. T. Thomson's System of Survey, from a Legal Point of View, IX., 280.

Paryphanta in New Zealand, Notes on the Larger Species of; with some Remarks on the Distribution and Dispersal of Land Shells, XXVII., 224.

Patellid, Notes on, with reference to Species found on Rocks at Island, and Lyall Bays, XXX., 309.

Phormium tenax, I., 168; 2nd ed., 114.

Photography, IV., 160.

Podiceps cristatus, III., 113.

Polygonum aviculare, V., 310.

Sand-dunes on the West Coast of the Provincial District of Wellington, XIV., 89.

Sand-worn Stones, II., 247.

Scientific and Material Progress in New Zealand during the Victorian Era, XXX., 1.

Te Rauparaha, Life and Times of, V., 19.

Tidal Wave of 11th May, 1877, X., 522.