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Volume 35, 1902
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– 582 –

Records of Milne Seismograph No. 20, At Wellington, From January, 1902, To December, 1902
Plates LIII. and LIV.

Latitude, 41° 17′ S.; longitude, 174° 47′ E. Greenwich mean civil time. Midnight, 0 h. or 24 h.; hours, 1 to 24. Time in hours, minutes, and tenths of minutes.

Record numbers 1, 2, … from the 1st October, 1900. P.T., preliminary tremors, A.T., after-tremors. B., E., beginning and end of vibrations generally not less than 2 mm. Amp., full amplitude in millimetres.

The instrument is placed in a special room below a house standing about 30 ft. from the edge of a rocky cliff about 50 ft. high, situated about 250 yards from the shore-line of Wellington Harbour.

George Hogben

, Observer.