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Volume 37, 1904
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I.—Miscellaneous. Pages
Art. I. Maori Medical Lore: Notes on the Causes of Disease and Treatment of the Sick among the Maori People of New Zealand, as believed and practised in Former Times, together with some Account of Various Ancient Rites connected with the Same. By Dr. W. H. Goldie 1120
II. Notes on Ancient Polynesian Migrants or Voyagers to New Zealand, and Voyage of the “Aratawhao” Canoe to Hawaiki. By Elsdon Best. 121138
III. On Maori Dredges (Roukakahi and Hao). By Dr. A. K. Newman 138144
IV. The Early History of the Morioris. By A. Shand 144156
V. The Early History of the Morioris, with an Abstract of a Moriori Narrative. Presented by Captain Gilbert Mair during the adjourned Discussion on Mr. A. Shand's Paper of the 3rd August, 1904 156171
VI. The Site of Maupuia Pa, Miramar. By H. N. McLeod 171173
VII. The Balance of Trade. By Professor H. W. Segar 173195
VIII. The Adjustment of Triangulation by Least Squares: Part II. By C. E. Adams 195201
IX. On the Construction of a Table of Natural Sines by Means of a New Relation between the Leading Differences. By C. E. Adams 202207
X. Notes on some Bronze Buddhas from Pekin. By W. Welch 208211
XI. Notes on Marsland Hill. By W. H. Skinner 211215
XII. Additions to the Marine Mollusca of New Zealand. By R. Murdoch 217232
XIII. Report on the Mollusca collected by Messrs. Keith Lucas and G. L. Hodgkin in Six Lakes of New Zealand. By H. Suter 233257
XIV. The First-discovered New Zealand Gundlachia. By H. Suter 258
XV. Revision of the New Zealand Species of the Genus Potamopyrgus, with the Description of a New Species. By H. Suter 258267
XVI. Revision of the New Zealand Species of the Genus Isidora, with Description of a New Subspecies. By H. Suter 267276
XVII. Some New Species of New Zealand Marine Shells, together with Remarks on some Non-Marine Species, and some Additions to the “Index Faunæ.” By Rev. W. H. Webster 276280
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Art. XVIII. Some Earthworms from the North Island of New Zealand. By Professor W. B. Benham 281285
XIX. On the Oligochæta from the Southern Islands of the New Zealand Region. By Professor W. B. Benham 285297
XX. Earthworms from the Kermadecs. By Professor W. B. Benham 298299
XXI. On the Occurrence of the Foraminiferan Genus Ramulina in the New Zealand Waters. By Professor W. B. Benham 300
XXII. Further Notes on the Sipunculids of New Zealand. By Professor W. B. Benham 301308
XXIII. The Aquatic Larva of the Fly Ephydra. By Professor W. B. Benham 308312
XXIV. Notes on some Nudibranch Molluscs from New Zealand. By Professor W. B Benham 312320
XXV. Note on the Function of the Last Pair of Thoracic Legs in the Whale-feed (Grimothea gregaria). By Professor C Chilton 320322
XXVI. On the Occurrence of a Species of Cercaria in the Cockle. By Professor C. Chilton 322325
XXVII. Notes on Fruit-flies, with a Description of a New Species (Dacus xanthodes). By Captain T. Broun 325328
XXVIII. On some New Species of Lepidoptera. By A. Philpott 328331
XXIX. Notes on the Occurrence of some Rare Species of Lepidoptera. By A. P. Buller 331333
XXX. Notes on the Entomology of Mount Holdsworth, Tararua Range. By G V. Hudson 334342
XXXI. Epalxiphora axenana, Meyr: a Species of Lepidoptera scarce in New Zealand By A Quail 343350
XXXII. On the Occurrence of Graucalus melanops, Latham, in New Zealand. By Captain F. W. Hutton 350351
XXXIII. A Rare Saurian. By Archdeacon Walsh 351352
XXXIV. A Revision of the Species of the Formicidæ (Ants) of New Zealand. By Professor Dr. A. Forel 353355
XXXV. On some New Species of Macro-lepidoptera in New Zealand. By G V. Hudson 355358
XXXVA. On Macro-lepidoptera observed during the Summer of 1903–4, including a Note on the Occurrence of a Hawk-moth new to New Zealand. By G. V. Hudson 358360
XXXVI Some Hitherto-unrecorded Plant-habitats. By Dr L. Cockayne 361367
XXXVII. On the Defoliation of Gaya lyallii, J. E Baker. By Dr. L Cockayne 368
XXXVIII. Notes on the Vegetation of the Open Bay Islands. By Dr. L Cockayne 368377
XXXIX. Notes on Ferns By H. C Field 377378
XL On the Occurrence of Starch and Glucose in Timber. By Professor H B Kirk 379380
XLI. Revised List of New Zealand Seaweeds: Appendix I. By R M Laing 380384
XLII. On the New Zealand Species of Ceramiaceæ: Part I. By R. M. Laing 284408
XLIII. On the Pollination of the Puriri (Vitex lucens, T. Kirk). By D Petrie 409411
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IV.—Geology. Pages
Art. XLIV. The Fossils of the Waitemata and Papakura Series. By E. Clarke 413421
XLV. Notes on the East Coast Earthquake of 9th August, 1904. By G. Hogben 421424
XLVI. The Path of Earthquake-waves through the Earth. By G. Hogben 424426
XLVII. On some Glaciated Stones from Queenstown, Lake Wakatipu. By E. G. Hogg 426431
XLVIII. The Artesian-water Basins of the Heretaunga Plain, Hawke's Bay. By H. Hill 431444
XLIX. Taupo Plateau and Lake: a Retrospect and Prospect. By H. Hill 445464
L. The Formation of the Canterbury Plains. By Captain F. W. Hutton 465472
LI. Three New Tertiary Shells By Captain F. W. Hutton 472473
LII. Revision of the Tertiary Brachiopoda of New Zealand. By Captain F. W. Hutton 474481
LIII. Magnesian Rocks at Milford Sound. By Dr. P. Marshall 481484
LIV. Description of a New Species of Pecten from the Oamaru Series. By Professor J. Park 485
LV. On the Causes of Border-segregation in some Igneous Magmas. By Professor J. Park 486488
LVI. On the Marine Tertiaries of Otago and Canterbury, with Special Reference to the Relations existing between the Pareora and Oamaru Series. By Professor J. Park 489551
LVII. On the Occurrence of Large Bodies of Ferrous Sulphate in the Gold-mines of Thames Goldfields. By Matthew Paul 551552
LVIII. Notes on some Rocks from Campbell Island. By R. Speight 552554
LIX. Meteorology of New Zealand: On the Routes of High and Low Pressures, and the Changes of Pressure and Wind-movement resulting from them. By Captain R. A. Edwin 555567
LX. The Distillation of the Fatty Acids for the Manufacture of Candles. By P. W. Robertson 568577
LXI. The Association of the Fatty Acids and their Esters, and the Arrangement of Atoms in Space. By P. W. Robertson 577580
LXII. A Flash of Lightning. By Archdeacon Walsh 580581
Records of Milne Seismographs—
No. 16, Christchurch: Observer, H. F. Skey 582587
No. 20, Wellington: Observer, G. Hogben 588589
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Reports and Proceedings.
Annual Report of the New Zealand Institute 593
Balance-sheet of the International Catalogue of Scientific Literature 596
“New Zealand Institute Act, 1903” x
Regulations of the New Zealand Institute under the Act of 1903 xii
Proceedings— Wellington Philosophical Society 601
" Auckland Institute 606
" Philosophical Institute of Canterbury 610
" Otago Institute 613
" Westland Institute 620
" Hawke's Bay Philosophical Institute 622
" Nelson 624
" Manawatu Philosophical Society 626