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Volume 37, 1904
– xii –


The following are the new regulations of the New Zealand Institute under the Act of 1903:—

The word “Institute” used in the following regulations means the New Zealand Institute as constituted by “The New Zealand Institute Act, 1903.”

– xiii –

Incorporation of Societies.

1. No society shall be incorporated with the Institute under the provisions of “The New Zealand Institute Act, 1903,” unless such society shall consist of not less than twenty-five members, subscribing in the aggregate a sum of not less than £25 sterling annually for the promotion of art, science, or such other branch of knowledge for which it is associated, to be from time to time certified to the satisfaction of the Board of Governors of the Institute by the President for the time being of the society.

2. Any society incorporated as aforesaid shall cease to be incorporated with the Institute in case the number of the members of the said society shall at any time become less than twenty-five, or the amount of money annually subscribed by such members shall at any time be less than £25

3. The by-laws of every society to be incorporated as aforesaid shall provide for the expenditure of not less than one-third of the annual revenue in or towards the formation or support of some local public museum or library, or otherwise shall provide for the contribution of not less than one-sixth of its said revenue towards the extension and maintenance of the New Zealand Institute.

4. Any society incorporated as aforesaid which shall in any one year fail to expend the proportion of revenue specified in Regulation No. 3 aforesaid in manner provided shall from henceforth cease to be incorporated with the Institute.

5. All papers read before any society for the time being incorporated with the Institute shall be deemed to be communications to the Institute, and then may be published as Proceedings or Transactions of the Institute, subject to the following regulations of the Board of the Institute regarding publications:—

Regulations Regarding Publications.


The publications of the Institute shall consist of—

(1.) A current abstract of the proceedings of the societies for the time being incorporated with the Institute, to be intituled “Proceedings of the New Zealand Institute”;

(2.) And of transactions comprising papers read before the incorporated societies (subject, however, to selection as hereinafter mentioned), and of such other matter as the Board of Governors shall from time to time determine to publish, to be intituled “Transactions of the New Zealand Institute.”


The Board of Governors shall determine what papers are to be published.

– xiv –

(c) Papers not recommended for publication may be returned to their authors if so desired.

(d.) All papers sent in for publication must be legibly written, typewritten, or printed.

(e.) A proportional contribution may be required from each society towards the cost of publishing Proceedings and Transactions of the Institute.

(f.) Each incorporated society will be entitled to receive a proportional number of copies of the Transactions and Proceedings of the New Zealand Institute, to be from time to time fixed by the Board of Governors.