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Volume 38, 1905

New Zealand Institute.

Secretaries of societies are requested to see that each paper read is indorsed with—


The date of reading;


The name of author;


The postal address of author;—

and that papers are forwarded to the editor of the Transactions as soon as they are read.

The mail arrangements of the colony are now so complete that, in cases where it is thought desirable, proofs can be generally sent to authors for revision, provided the author's postal address is indorsed on the manuscript.

Any author whose postal address is not indorsed on his paper must not expect to receive proofs for revision.

Corrected proofs must be promptly returned by the author, otherwise the editor cannot be responsible for authors' corrections being made. Material alterations should not be inserted, but in important cases, where the rights of others are not specially affected, addenda may be made.

Illustrations should be prepared so that they can be reproduced by photo-lithography or by process blocks. The size should be 7 in. by 4 in., or a multiple thereof, that being the size of the plates as published. If the originals, either drawings or photographs, have not such proportions, great extra expense is incurred, and the result is often not satisfactory. The name of the author should always be written on the back of the original drawing or photograph, together with the title of the plate. The full description for letterpress should be written on a separate sheet, and not on the illustration itself; and the illustrations (if more than one) and descriptions should be numbered to correspond.

The 1st January is the latest date at which papers can be received for publication in the Transactions.

A. Hamilton