Go to National Library of New Zealand Te Puna Mātauranga o Aotearoa
Volume 38, 1905


I.—Miscellaneous. Pages
Art. I. Early Native Records of the Manawatu Block. By P.E Baldwin 111
XVIII. Maori Place-names, with Special Reference to the Great Lakes and Mountains of the South Island. By James Cowan 113120
XIX. Some Historic Maori Personages. By T. W. Downes 120127
XX. The Winged Pilot of Hawaiki. By Archdeacon Walsh 127130
XXI. On a Stone-carved Ancient Wooden Image of a Maori Eel-god By A. K. Newman 130134
XXII. On the Musical Notes and Other Features of the Long Maori Trumpet. By A. K. Newman. And Notes on the Maori Trumpet, by W. H. Warren 134139
XXV. Maori Eschatology: The Whare Potae (House of Mourning) and its Lore; being a Description of many Customs, Beliefs, Superstitions, Rites, &c., pertaining to Death and Burial among the Maori People, as also some Account of Native Belief in a Spiritual World. By Elsdon Best 148239
LV. Notes upon a Find of Kauri-gum in Rangitikei, Wellington Province. By S. A. R. Mair 499501
II. Zoology.
XI. Notes on the Hemiptera of the “Index Faunæ Novæ Zealandiæ.” By G. W. Kirkaldy 6162
XII. Note on a Water-beetle found in Sea-water. By Charles Chilton 63
XIII. On the Occurrence of Metoponorthus pruinosus, Brandt, in New Zealand. By Charles Chilton 6465
XVI. Results of Dredging on the Continental Shelf of New Zealand. By Charles Hedley 6876
XVII. On some Foraminifera and Ostracoda obtained off Great Barrier Island, New Zealand. By Frederick Chapman 77112
XXVI. Additional Notes on the Earthworms of the North Island of New Zealand. By W. B. Benham 239245
XXVII. On a Large Pterotracheid from the Pacific Ocean. By W. B. Benham 245248
– x –
Art. XXVIII. An Account of some Earthworms from Little Barrier Island. By W. B. Benham 248256
XXIX. On the Anatomy of Hyla aurea. By George Marriner 257265
XXX. Report of some Crustacea dredged off the Coast of Auckland. By Charles Chilton 265269
XXXI. List of Crustacea from the Chatham Islands. By Charles Chilton 269273
XXXII. Description of a Species of Phreatoicus from the Surface Waters of New Zealand. By Charles Chilton 274276
XXXIII. Note on the Occurrence in New Zealand of Dipterous Insects belonging to the Family Blepharoceridœ. By Charles Chilton 277278
XXXIV. Results of Dredging on the Continental Shelf of New Zealand. By R. Murdoch and H. Suter 278305
XXXV. Results of Dredging on the Continental Shelf of New Zealand. By W. H. Webster 305308
XXXVI. Additions to the New Zealand Fauna. By W. H. Webster 309312
XXXVII. On the Anatomy of Paryphanta atramentaria, Shuttleworth. By R. Murdoch 313316
XXXVIII. Notes on New Zealand Mollusca, with Descriptions of New Species and Subspecies. By H. Suter 316333
XXXIX. Genus Isidora: Correction of Article XVI in Last Year's Transactions (Volume XXXVII). By H. Suter 333
XL. On Flabellum rugulosum, Tenison-Woods. By H. Suter 334
XLI. Notes on Insect Swarms on Mountain-tops in New Zealand. By G. V. Hudson 334336
XLII. Notes on some South Island Birds, and Maori Associations connected therewith. By James Cowan 337341
LVII. Note on the Occurrence of Two Rare and Two Introduced Moths. By G. Howes 509
LVIII. Some New Species of Lepidoptera. By G. Howes 510511
LXI. The Portobello Marine Fish-hatchery and Biological Station. By G. M. Thomson 529558
XLIII. On a Specific Case of Leaf-variation in Coprosma baueri, Endl. (Rubiaceœ). By L. Cockayne 341345
XLV. Notes on a Brief Botanical Visit to the Poor Knights Islands. By L. Cockayne 351360
XLIV. On the Supposed Mount Bonpland Habitat of Celmisia lindsayi, Hook. f. By L. Cockayne 346350
XLVI. Notes on the Subalpine Scrub of Mount Fyffe (Seaward Kaikouras). By L. Cockayne 361374
XLVII. Notes on the Growth of certain Native Trees in the Auckland Domain. By J. Stewart 374377
XLVIII. On the Leaf-structure of some Plants from the Southern Islands of New Zealand. By Miss E. M. Herriott 377422
XLIX. Description of a New Native Grass. By D. Petrie 423424
L. Appendix to List of Seaweeds of Norfolk Island. By R. M. Laing 424
LIV. Two New Ferns. By H. C. Field 495498
– xi –
Art. II. Magmatic Segregation in its Relation to the Genesis of certain Ore-bodies. By James Park 1116
III. Contact Metamorphism in its Relation to the Genesis of certain Ore-deposits. By James Park 1620
IV. Thermal Activity in its Relation to the Genesis of certain Metalliferous Veins. By James Park 2033
V. On the Rôle of Metasomatism in the Formation of certain Ore-deposits. By James Park 3336
VI. The Deposition of Mineral Matter from Aqueous Solutions in its Relation to the Filling of Cavities and Vein-fissures. By James Park 3639
VIII. Technical Analyses of Coal, and Coal-testing. By A. M. Wright 4245
XIV. On Crassatellites trailli. By Captain Hutton 6566
XV. On a Skeleton of Emeus crassus from the North Island. By Captain Hutton 6667
LI. The Occurrence of Gold at Harbour Cone. By C. N. Boult 425446
LII. On the Geology of the Clarendon Phosphate-deposits, Otago, New Zealand. By Arthur Robert Andrew 447482
LIII. The Gem Gravels of Kakanui; with Remarks on the Geology of the District. By J. Allan Thomson 482495
LXII. On the Treatment of Partially Decomposed Pyritic Tailings by the Cyanide Process. By H. Frank Shepherd 558560
LXIII. Geological Notes on the Country North-west of Lake Wakatipu 560567
V.—Chemistry, Physics, etc.
VII. The Temperature of Combustion of Methane in the Presence of Palladiumised Asbestos (Abstract). By H. G. Denham 3941
IX. Some New Compounds of a Similar Nature to Antifebrine. By P. W. Robertson 4550
X. The Estimation and Detection of the Alkaloids by means of their Double Sulphocyanides. By P. W. Robertson 5161
XXIII. On Temporary Stars. By M. Chapman 139143
XXIV. Notes on a Meteoric Appearance. By M. Chapman 143148
LIX. The Effect on Temperature of Molecular Association and Dissociation. By W. S. Page 512515
LX. The Resistance of Steel to Mechanical Shock, and the Determination of Material suitable for Machinery. By Professor Scott 515529
LVI. Brief Notes on the Theory of New Zealand Earthquakes. By G. Hogben 502509
Records of Milne Seismographs
No. 16, Christchurch: Observer, H. F. Skey 568571
No. 20, Wellington: Observer, G. Hogben 572574
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Reports and Proceedings.
Annual Report of the New Zealand Institute 577
Proceedings—Wellington Philosophical Society 583
" Auckland Institute 591
" Philosophical Institute of Canterbury 594
" Otago Institute 600
" Westland Institute 606
" Hawke's Bay Philosophical Institute 607
" Nelson Philosophical Institute 609
" Manawatu Philosophical Society 610